Fewer unemployed Filipinos in 2015

Fewer unemployed Filipinos in 2015
According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there were about 2.6 million jobless Filipinos in 2015, a bit lower than last year

MANILA, Philippines — There are fewer unemployed Filipinos in 2015 than a year ago, a preliminary report of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed.

PSA said in a statement late Wednesday, December 30, that the number of unemployed Filipinos slid to 6.5% in 2015 compared to 6.8% in 2014.

This translates to about 2.6 million jobless Filipinos in 2015.

According to its quarterly Labor Force Survey rounds in January, April, July and October, 79.8% of the unemployed Filipinos in 2015 are 15-34 years old, 49% are 15-34 years old, and 30.8% are in the 25-34 years age group.

PSA did not give the reasons for the lower unemployment rate in 2015.

National Statistician Lisa Grace Bersales said unemployed males were recorded at 1.66 million or 63.7% of the total jobless rate, while unemployed females were at 940,000.

One-third of these unemployed persons were high school graduates (33.5%), and more than one-fifth were college graduates (21.8%), the PSA data showed.

But PSA noted that it recoded a lower participation among 15 years old and older Filipinos this year than in 2014.

“Of the 64.9 million population of 15 years old and older, 41.34 million or 63.9% participated in the survey, a bit lower than the 64.4% participation in 2014,” PSA said.

Underemployment inches up

For underemployment, the PSA data showed that the rate inched up to 18.5% from the 18.4% a year ago. 

“The underemployed persons or those employed persons who express the desire to have additional hours of work in their present job or to have additional job, or to have a new job with longer working hours was estimated at 7.2 million persons,” Bersales said. 

PSA said employed persons, which are grouped into agriculture, industry and services sector, were approximately at 38.7 million in 2015.

This figure was a slight increase from the 37.3 million in 2014. 

Those in the services sector, meanwhile, comprised more than half (54.7%) of the total employed persons.  

About 18.9% were engaged in wholesale and retail trade or in the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, PSA said.

Meanwhile, workers in agriculture made up the second largest sector, accounting for 29.1%, while those in the industry sector, 16.2%. 

When it comes to occupation, PSA said the laborers and unskilled workers comprised the largest proportion, with 31.5% among the total employed persons.  

Those working as officials of the government and special-interest organizations, corporate executives, managers, managing proprietors and supervisors came second in proportion, with 16.3%.

PSA said the third biggest proportion came from farmers, forestry workers and fishermen (12.9%), followed by service workers and shop or market sales workers with 12.7%.

Among the employed, 63% are full-time workers who worked for 40 hours or more each week, while the rest are part-time workers that go to work for less than 40 hours a week. — Rappler.com

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