Taxes of some Makati accountants ‘ridiculously low’
Taxes of some Makati accountants ‘ridiculously low’
Only one of 3 accountants in the country's premier business district filed their income tax returns in 2012, the tax bureau says

MANILA, Philippines – After doctors and lawyers, accountants are the latest target of the “shame” campaign of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

The BIR released its latest Tax Watch advertisement, claiming only one out of 3 accountant taxpayers in Makati City filed their income tax returns in 2012.

The BIR’s Tax Watch ads are part of the agency’s drive to shore up government revenues by naming and shaming individuals, corporations, industries, and sectors that are not paying the right taxes.

The agency said that out of 337 accountants registered with the BIR in Makati, 111 or 32.9% filed their BIR Form 1701 two years ago.

Of those who filed, 17 or 15.3% declared income tax less than P27,360, the income tax of a public school teacher earning P18,549 a month.

BIR pointed out that income taxes paid by certain Makati accountants were “ridiculously low.”

For instance, one paid only P313 income tax, which was 0.04% of his gross income of P810,100 in 2012.

“When you don’t pay your taxes, you’re a burden to those who do,” the BIR’s ad read.

The BIR is the government’s main revenue agency, accounting for about 70% of total collections.

It targets to collect P1.456 trillion taxes in 2014.

In the first quarter, the bureau missed its collection target of P293.35 billion. It collected only P264.71 billion.


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