Year of the wood goat: PH economy in for a 'good ride'

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine economy is in for a good ride with certain industries taking further leaps in the Year of the Wood Goat or Sheep.

In 2014, the Philippine economy's full-year gross domestic product (GDP) growth was only 6.1% – below the government target of 6.5% to 7.5%, and lower than the record-high 7.2% growth in 2013.

But the wood element will bring in wealth to the country’s coffers as the Chinese New Year begins February 19, Thursday.

Astrologers said that the energy of each of the 5 elements – wood, water, metal, fire, earth, and air have effects on industries.

Growth and slowdown

Across the agriculture, industry, and service sectors, top performers will come from Wood industries.

Rubber farmers, furniture builders, magazine and newspaper publishers, and financial advisers will benefit from the year’s positive Qi.

The prosperity list only gets longer.

The BaZi chart also shows that mining and extraction businesses will thrive and prosper in 2015, said Dato’ Joey Yap. The Malaysia-based founder of a Chinese metaphysics academy was in Manila in January for his annual feng shui and astrology seminar.

Fire industries will also be unstoppable.

Oil and petroleum will be big, despite falling prices.

Retail and service will enjoy raking in profits alongside the fast-moving consumer goods group.

The same goes for alternative energies, biotechnology, construction, e-commerce, health care, scientific research, and technology.

The tourism industry will be a great starting point for a business idea.

But in his reading of the BaZi chart, Yap saw a slowdown in the real estate market due to stagnant Earth.

Property investors are warned, “If you’re a short-sighted investor, this might not be a good year for you.”

On the brighter side, those who are in it for the long haul will have more to gain this year.

‘Lucky’ days to invest

Those born in Tiger, Dragon, and Rabbit years should try investment, as they are the Wood Goat’s favored ones in money and business matters.

Anyone interested can refer to dates that are excellent for investing in Wood and Fire industries, as shared by Philippine-based geomancer Hanz Cua:

Beware of the ghost month, which falls between August 14 and September 12, Cua added.

Design your office per feng shui

Cua also dished out tips for designing office or shop space according to feng shui.

Green on walls or in splashes within the interior design will increase wealth luck because it is the color of auspiciousness.

Orange is the color of fire and wearing it will increase influence and power.

There are also 4 ways to orient doorways and decors:

“Place Wood elements in your office,” Cua added.

Also called the Year of the Wood Sheep, the new lunar year will be characterized by the “benign and spiritual characteristics” of the lamb.

It will also do away with the bloodshed, accidents, and global health scares such as the Ebola virus of 2014’s Wood Horse.

Ending on February 7, 2016, the year of the Wood Goat or Sheep is said to have all 5 elements working in balance and is predicted – and hoped for probably by everyone – to result in a harmonious year.

A freelance business writer, Shadz Loresco follows stories on entrepreneurs, technology, and finance. Her background includes 5 years of writing and editing for online business-to-business (B2B) marketing and reputation management.


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