[Executive Edge] PH is 'demographically perfect' for businesses

Real value

Such perks and policies may seem like mere bragging points, but they do serve a business purpose, as with the case of flexi-time. “They then own the outcomes of their work in a much more responsible way for them," he said.

“And that helps us deliver a very consistent level of service which we feel is among the best in the industry," Maddock said.

Maddock added that his parents’ generation would not have done these things.

“And certainly most people running outsourcing businesses think like that generation,” he admitted. “I think having a fresh perspective is really helpful to identify what the employees are actually going through and what motivates and gets them excited about coming to work."

Ultimately, Maddock wants to share the prosperity of the BPO industry to as many Filipinos as possible. Since he believes that the future of work will go mobile – on phones, on tablets, on netbooks – this brings opportunity to the more than 85 million Filipinos living outside Metro Manila.

Building a platform that allows Filipinos to service their enterprise clients in a flexible arrangement, one in which they can work remotely is what Maddock wants.

“We feel that responsibility to bring work to the people, to empower them to work whenever and wherever they are,” Maddock said. – Rappler.com