Globe seeks new revenues from eSports

Huge potential

The Globe head pointed out that eSports has huge potential, particularly in Asia. In China alone, 3 billion hours of eSports content were produced last year – more than any other sport.

"The viewership has got to be there or else people would not produce content, so there's a lot of interest. If you look at Asians in general, our makeup is not that different and the same thing is happening in Vietnam," Cu said.

"That creates a lot of potential to build an industry around eSports from the gaming, the revenues in game items, advertising, events, and the connectivity needed to pay, so that plays well into Globe's playbook," he added.

This concept of building an industry around specific content or interests is similar to what Globe has done with other offshoots like its partnership with streaming services Spotify and Netflix, and producing original connect through Globe Studios.

"This is the 4th thing we're doing along these lines. We did music, video, and live productions, and now this can be a good part of our portfolio and fits in well with our strategy," Cu said.

Globe plans to announce more eSports initiatives throughout the year. –