Grab sets measures to curb driver, passenger cancellations

MANILA, Philippines – Grab Philippines announced it is implementing new measures to "reduce unreasonable cancellations for both drivers and passengers."

In a statement on Monday, April 29, the ride-hailing company said it is "mindful that cancellations are frustrating for everyone – whether for a passenger whose time was wasted, or for a driver who already spent fuel and effort to get to the pickup point."

What are the new measures for drivers?

If a driver goes "above and beyond," Grab said there is a new "tipping feature" that allows the passenger to reward the driver with a 5-star rating.

What are the new measures for passengers? 

When a driver cancels, meanwhile, 30 GrabRewards Points will automatically be awarded to the passenger.

In what instances will there be no fees?

Grab president Brian Cu said they are aware that "sometimes, cancellations are necessary during special situations."

There will be no fees if:

If a fee was charged wrongly, Grab said it will give a refund within 48 hours, if the matter is reported through the Help Center on the app.

"Our intention in implementing this new policy is to create a better ride-hailing ecosystem, where both passengers and drivers practice the responsible use of the Grab platform," Cu said.

Grab remains the dominant ride-hailing company in the Philippine market, following its acquisition of Uber's Southeast Asia business in March 2018. Several new firms cropped up, but they have yet to make a significant difference in the market. (READ: Antitrust watchdog fines Grab P16 million over Uber deal–