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G&W Electric offers new product for preventing blackouts

Aika Rey
G&W Electric offers new product for preventing blackouts

NEW PRODUCT. A G&W Electric Teros recloser.

G&W Electric

The Teros recloser is designed to improve system reliability and grid resiliency even in adverse conditions

Global power equipment supplier G&W Electric launched a new product that could help Philippine power distribution utilities prevent blackouts.

On Wednesday, November 17, G&W launched the Teros recloser, designed to improve system reliability and grid resiliency even in adverse conditions such as storms.

“To better mitigate disruption and to manage reliable electrical service, improvements made in recloser technology are imperative to ensuring a reduction in widespread power outages. Today, reclosers are the critical must-have in a utility’s grid reliability,” said G&W Electric chairman John Mueller.

A recloser is an automatic and high-voltage electric switch. It is similar to a household circuit breaker, which shuts off power when trouble, such as a short circuit, occurs. In the case of a recloser, however, it automatically checks the electrical line for problems, and if there are none, power gets automatically restored.

“Reliable energy is the lifeblood of any economy, so the Philippines needs to ensure that utilities of every size have automated equipment to protect infrastructure and minimize long power outages,” said G&W Asia Pacific regional vice president Giin Sia.

The new Teros recloser provides overcurrent protection, which, in effect, could reduce long-term outages. It is designed to reduce the amount, frequency, and duration of outages on overhead systems, including main distribution lines, distribution branch circuits, and substations.

G&W said the Teros recloser does not require oil or gas insulation to operate. It also offers site-ready designs for new and existing electrical systems, for ease of installation.

The firm noted that outages are still common in parts of the country, likely in areas serviced by cooperatives with fewer resources to update infrastructure.

Mueller added that the Philippines’ increasing power demand and the constant threat of storms put additional pressure on the power grid.

“With growing populations and a greater demand for reliable power, paired with new construction, a reliance on technology, and the effects of climate change, utilities are working hard to save customers the expenses and inconveniences of frequent outages,” said Mueller.

“Reclosers have become the global market solution to the expansion of distribution networks and enhanced reliable power,” he added. – Rappler.com

Aika Rey

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