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Davao Light extends rotational blackouts to 2 hours

Editha Caduaya
Davao Light extends rotational blackouts to 2 hours
An official of the Davao Light and Power Company says the firm is not sure until when the power shortage will last

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Citing power shortage in the city, the Davao Light and Power Company started implementing rotational power interruptions Tuesday, July 21, extending the periods to two hours each time.

Rossano Luga, Davao Light’s assistant vice president for reputation enhancement, told Rappler: “We have to immediately implement the rotating power interruption from a maximum of one [hour] to two hours. We just don’t know until when will we have power shortage.”

Since May the power firm had implemented rotational power interruption for at least an hour.

This developed as the city is on thick of it’s preparation for the 30th Kadayawan Festival set for August 14 to 24.

Lisette Marques, Davao City tourism officer, told Rappler: “We hope that, if this is prolonged, they can provide power supply to the areas of activities during the Kadayawan festival.”

The increased demand for power caused the power shortage to worsen, from 60MW on July 20 to 130MW as of July 21, explained Luga, citing the advisory from the National Grip Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

For Tuesday alone, the demand in the entire Davao Light franchise area was expected to peak at 325 MW, which the supply that Davao Light gets from Sibulan & Talomo Hydropower Plants, Therma Marine Incorporated, and its standby Bajada Power Plant couldn’t meet, Luga explained.

Consumers were also advised to expect the rotational power interruptions even during off-peak hours, which are from 12 midnight to 8 am, and from 8 pm to 12 midnight.

During these off-peak hours, blackouts will be for only one hour each period rotation. 

“Given the unstable power situation, the duration of the rotating power interruptions may increase or decrease, depending on the level of curtailment imposed by the NGCP at any given time of the day and the variability of the load of Davao Light relative to the time of the day,” Lugo added.

Davao Light apologized to its customers for the inconvenience that these service disruptions may have caused them. It also encouraged everyone to be prudent in the use of energy to help minimize the effects of the current power situation. – 

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