Metro Manila ‘most problematic’ for new cell sites – Globe
Metro Manila ‘most problematic’ for new cell sites – Globe
Globe Telecom says Metro Manila is problematic for the deployment of new cell sites, due to homeowners' opposition and difficulties at the local government level

MANILA, Philippines – Because of opposition from homeowners’ associations and difficulties in dealing with local politicians, Metro Manila is the most problematic area for the setting up of cell sites, Globe Telecom said. 

In a statement, the telecommunications company said it plans to build more cell sites in Metro Manila since many of its customers are concentrated there.

“However, there is a myriad of issues that restrains realization of our plans to establish more cell sites in the area and improve the internet experience of our customers” said Joel Agustin, Globe senior vice president for program governance, network technical group. 

Aside from Metro Manila, the company also identified Cebu, Davao, North Luzon, and South Luzon as other problematic areas.

As part of its drive to expand its network coverage and capacity, Globe plans to improve cell site density in a bid to provide customers with faster and more reliable data connectivity.

But the company said it has been encountering difficulties in its capacity expansion drive. These include the opposition of some homeowners to have cell sites deployed in their villages, fearing risks to their health. 

But Agustin said that various agencies, including the Philippine health department and the World Health Organization, have already downplayed any health hazards posed by cellular sites.

He added that the health department also grants permits prior to the installation of cell site equipment, certifying that the emissions from the cell sites are not harmful.

Globe Telecom also raised concern on the difficulties of obtaining permits and documentation at the local government level. The company said that to build a single cell site, telecom operators need to secure an average of 25 permits, a process that can take at least 8 months. 

With the recently-concluded polls, the election of the new officials may delay the processing of permits, particularly in areas where the winning local official is not the incumbent, Globe Telecom said.

Aside from this, the telecom operator listed several issues that affect the immediate deployment of new cell sites: the imposition of tower fees prior to processing of cell site permit application; tax arrears; and the lack of documentation in the proposed location of the cell site, among others. – 

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