Headphone sales rising in Southeast Asia

Gfk's survey notes the growth of headphone and headset sales in major Southeast Asian markets

A PRIZED ACCESSORY. Mobile gadget sales are helping to drive a market for personal audio gear.

MANILA, Philippines – Market research firm GfK recently announced its findings regarding the proliferation of headsets and headphones in major Southeast Asian markets.

According to GfK, the headphone and headset market generated $77.3 million in 2013. This was done across 4 key markets in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

GfK found consumers in those markets picked up nearly 3.8 million units of headphones and headsets. The sales presented a growth of 5% over the same period of the previous year.

All segments rose in volume demand in a range of 2% to 30%. Wired in-ear headphones provided the majority of total market sales, while infrared and Bluetooth types had the highest growth.

In terms of value, infrared/Bluetooth and wired headband types had the most growth, at 13% and 9% respectively across the 4 countries.

The growth of headphone and headset sales are seen as stemming from the rise of mobile technology, with users buying these for better audio quality and, in terms of some headphones, style.

Said Gerard Tan, Account Director for Digital World at GfK Asia, “The continued popularity of such gadgets especially in the region’s developing countries has been a key factor in driving sales of this product group as many are turning to their smartphone or tablet as a source of entertainment while on the move.”

Tan added that the future points to further sales to reinforce their lifestyle choices, noting that, “Growing affluence will lead to rising sophistication with consumers seeking better quality products to enhance their lifestyle, which in this case means an increase in demand for premium headphones and headsets to heighten their listening pleasure.” – Rappler.com

Headphone image from Shutterstock