Doughnuts at your fingertips

Lynda C. Corpuz
Doughnuts at your fingertips
Krispy Kreme Philippines launches a mobile app as part of its digital investment to please more smartphone-savvy customers – a first from a doughnut chain

MANILA, Philippines – As you return to work after Holy Week, you might be headed to schedule-packed days.

If you fancy an Easter egg-shaped doughnut and brewed coffee over a meeting to perk up your busy week, no need for you to go to the store and get these. You can order them using Krispy Kreme’s mobile delivery app, available for free download from Philippines’ Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Developed by Mobext, a Philippine-based mobile marketing agency, the app was well-received in the iTunes App Store during the weekend of its launch, where it became the number 1 free app in the Food and Drink category.

The way to go

Calling it a first of its kind in the food service industry, the mobile app for the American doughnut chain combines the ease of:

  • Ordering doughnuts, cakes, coffee, deals, gift certificate – and saving your options for easy access
  • Scheduling delivery of your orders on the date and time you prefer – even two months ahead of your scheduled event or gathering
  • Scheduling pick-up of your orders on the date and time you set
  • Finding a Krispy Kreme store nearest you
  • Receiving stamps for more freebies and other rewards

Home and ordering pages. Screen grabs from Krispy Kreme mobile app

Stamp card and store locator pages. Screen grabs from Krispy Kreme mobile app

Also, if you are in the United States, you can send a Krispy Kreme treat to your loved ones using the mobile app.

You can also be the first to know about the doughnut chain’s tie-ups, new products, and promotions.

Apart from the planned 10 new stores (standalones and kiosks) across the country this year, Krispy Kreme is also widening its reach through investing in Internet infrastructure. For instance, the mobile app took 6 months to develop to fully integrate with stores and Krispy Kreme’s dedicated contact center.

Hand-held menus, interactive menu kiosks, digital drive-thru menus, and signage are among the planned technology investments of the company.

Partnering with online road guide such as Waze is also considered to improve easier access for pick-up orders.

Krispy Kreme Philippines chairman Jim Fuentebella said that going digital, while it is quite an investment, is the doughnut chain’s way to improve its brand and grow exponentially.

Krispy Kreme’s growth in recent years has been attributed to its international expansion following the closure of many US locations in 2005 to 2008, when the company’s stock tumbled after too many larger, expensive stores were built hastily. To date, Krispy Kreme Philippines has 60 stores in the country. (READ: There’s more to Krispy Kreme than doughnuts)

Measures in place

CONVENIENCE. 'We want them (customers) to have their doughnuts just by using the mobile app,' says Krispy Kreme Marketing Manager Ariane M. Valinton. Photo by Lynda C. Corpuz / Rappler

While the intention is good, the state of Internet service and mobile data availability in the Philippines remains a source of frustration for customers.

For instance, placing a two-dozen order of assorted doughnuts using the app on a Friday afternoon at the fully-packed Krispy Kreme flagship branch in Bonifacio Global City took about 20 to 30 minutes due to Internet connectivity issues.

Thus repeating the whole ordering process (from selecting 24 doughnuts of your choice and placing the orders, to updating delivery information) became inevitable. Constant checking with a contact center representative and IT support specialist was also needed to ensure that the issues encountered are addressed from both ends. 

But Krispy Kreme Philippines marketing manager Ariane Valinton said what they are offering their customers is still convenience and access.

“We want to save our customers from heavy traffic and parking woes just going to our store and getting their favorite doughnuts. We want them to have their doughnuts just by using the mobile app,” Valinton said.

Measures are also in place for both customers and Krispy Kreme’s sake.

For instance, Krispy Kreme is not committing a set delivery time, unlike fastfood chains. Those ordering via the mobile app are now being serviced by Krispy Kreme outlets in the central business districts of Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City.

“We ensure that we deliver at the time you need them,” Valinton said.

Minimum delivery order is P500 ($11.26) and can be paid cash on delivery. For bulk orders P3,000 ($67.56) and up, Krispy Kreme will require your credit card details, a process which the company is guaranteeing will be secured.

A dozen original glazed doughnuts is at P357 ($8.04); dozen of assorted ones, P434 ($9.77). These prices are higher than store prices because these already include the value added tax (VAT) and delivery charge.

“Most Filipinos are still used to paying goods in cash that’s why we still have cash-on-delivery option for them,” Valinton added.

Overall, the innovation is for Krispy Kreme’s customers, especially the young. For them, Valinton shared it is launching promotions this April in time for Katy Perry’s concert on May 7 at the Philippine Arena.

“With this innovation, we aim to reach out to more customers and further strengthen their brand experience with an exciting and interactive way to enjoy and share their favorite Krispy Kreme delights,” Valinton said. –

US$1 = P44.41

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