LIST: What are the top 10 schools for employers?

MANILA, Philippines – Majority of employers still look at the alma mater of fresh graduates when considering job applications, according to JobStreet’s 2018 Fresh Graduates Report. Philippines country manager Philip Gioca on Wednesday, April 18 said the reasons the companies gave for hiring from these schools range from the company’s preference to the quality of applicants from the schools. 

According to the report, top 10 schools include:

While majority of schools listed are found in Manila, results from the report show two new entries from schools outside of Metro Manila: University of San Carlos and University of Cebu.

According to Gioca, this is the first time schools outside Manila made it to the list since the report started 4 years ago.

Varies per industry

Gioca, however, pointed out that a company’s choice of school may also vary per industry.

DIFFERENT INSDUSTRIES. JobStreet reports a company's school of choice varies per industry.

Results from the report showed that for jobs in business process outsourcing (BPO), Polytechnic University of the Philippines was top choice.

Meanwhile, Ateneo de Manila University was ranked first among companies in the retail industry.

For jobs in manufacturing and education, employers ranked the University of the Philippines system among its top preferences while employers in information technology (IT) jobs listed De La Salle University as its top choice.

In addition to this, the top school of choice for banking and engineering companies was the University of Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University, respectively.

The report said the 4 main reasons employers hired graduates from the top 10 schools include:

Findings from's Fresh Graduate Report 2018 are based on data from October to December 2017 as well as a survey conducted in Februrary 2018 involving 503 employers from various parts of the Philippines. –