JobStreet 2018 report: Law, communications, journalism top 3 highest paying jobs for fresh grads

MANILA, Philippines – Fresh graduates working in law, public relations or communication, and journalism are the highest paid, according to JobStreet’s 2018 Fresh Graduates Report. Philippines country manager Philip Gioca shared the report’s findings on Wednesday, April 18.

Gioca said 4 new jobs made it to the list year including: human resources, marketing/business development, customer services, and quality control/assurance.

He added the list of highest paying jobs shows more employers are hiring fresh graduates for work that require digital or online skills.

“These specializations are actually not just the traditional ones but majority of them has influence or has a criteria for online or digital,” Guico said.

According to the report, the following are the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates, based on the average salaries given:

Findings from's Fresh Graduate Report 2018 are based on data from October to December 2017 as well as a survey conducted in Februrary 2018 involving 503 employers from various parts of the Philippines. –