Marina offers perks to shipping firms that will use 19 new RO-RO routes


MANILA, Philippines – The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) announced on Tuesday, February 5, it had opened 19 new roll-on-roll-off (RO-RO) missionary routes across the country, while it also urged shipping companies to “propose new links with RO-RO-capable ports.”  

RO-RO missionary routes are established between two capable ports in places that have not been serviced by shipping lines because of geographic limitation or the lack of market viability.  

Marina said shipping companies that would serve missionary routes will “may enjoy protection of investment for 5 years and 50% discount on the regular fees of all applications and renewal of ship documents, licenses, certificates, and permits.” 

The following are the new RO-RO missionary routes: 

The Road RO-RO Terminal System is a continuous stretch of roads and ports meant to improve the domestic shipping industry. The development of the nautical highway is one of the priority programs under Marina’s 10-year maritime industry development plan. –