Working on a holiday? Here's how to compute your pay

MANILA, Philippines – If you're working on a holiday, are you aware of the benefits you're entitled to?

The government has put up a matrix to guide employees on their privileges, especially when employers require them to work on regular holidays.

The matrix helps employees compute how much employers should pay them when they’re working on regular holidays or special non-working holidays.

Regular holidays are days of observance that recur every year or as prescribed by a Presidential Proclamation or a law enacted by Congress. Special non-working holidays are declared through Executive Orders passed by the President or Congress.

This month, regular holidays include the following:

On regular holidays, workers are entitled to receive their daily rate plus cost of living allowance – even if they don't go to work.

What if you go to work or extend your hours on those days? Here is a matrix that will guide you on how much you should be getting: