Gov't infra push fails to spark economy in Q1

Government shifting strategy

The unsolicited bid comes at a time when the government is looking to shift its strategy for big-ticket infrastructure.

From a predominantly public-private partnership (PPP) model employed by the Aquino administration, the Duterte administration is planning on building the projects itself through Official Development Assistance (ODA).

The crux behind the move, as Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III pointed out recently, is to speed up the deployment of infrastructure projects. The average time for a PPP project to break ground, according to him, is 9 months.

Dominguez, however, did note that the private sector would still have a big role to play in the push.

While it remains to be seen whether this new approach will indeed speed things up, the Q1 GDP shows that, for now at least, it's still the private sector that's doing the most of the heavy lifting. ā€“