Smart, Globe set up 'temporary' cell sites in Tacloban

MANILA, Philippines – Telecommunications companies Globe Telecom and Smart Communications said Sunday, November 10 they have set up cell sites in Tacloban City, which was badly hit by typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), as they work on restoring network services in Visayas.

In a press release, Globe said it set up one temporary cell site near Hotel Alejandro along Paterno St. in Tacloban to serve "critical communication requirements of the local government units and agencies involved in disaster response and coordination efforts."

As of Sunday, the company said close to 20% of its cell sites in Visayas have been restored, including 26 sites from Calbayog in Samar to northern Samar.

It said 471 sites or 30% of affected sites in southern Luzon and Mindanao have been repaired.

Globe also set up free call and charging stations.

It said 3 "Libreng Tawag" stations are in Iloilo: 

Charging stations using the generator sets in Globe cell sites are located in:

Southern Leyte


For its part, Smart also started offering "Libreng Tawag" services in Tacloban using satellite services in partnership with French non-governmental organization Telecoms Sans Frontieres.

The company put up a free call station Saturday afternoon at the police station near the Tacloban city hall.

Smart's "Libreng Tawag" services are being offered in the following areas:

For free charging of mobile phones, Smart subscribers may go to:

Smart said it has restored Smart and Sun networks services in the following areas:

Authorities are working on restoring communication lines in the aftermath of Yolanda. The government is having difficulties providing an accurate count of casualties and damage as relatives of residents in affected areas struggle to contact their loved ones.

At least 100 people were feared dead in Tacloban, with the estimated death toll in the entire province of Leyte projected to reach at least 10,000. –