WATCH: How IKEA’s DIY furniture and meatballs will change Philippine culture

A retail maze, meatballs, and a sense of accomplishment after constructing your own furniture. The new shopping experience by IKEA will likely get Filipinos hooked.

The world’s largest IKEA finally opens its doors.

Located in Pasay City, Philippines, it boasts a whopping 65,000 square meters of retail space. That’s over twice the size of your typical IKEA.

With that size, it is bound to shake up not just the furniture market, but Filipino culture as well.

In this video, Rappler’s business reporter Ralf Rivas walks us through the building’s retail maze, as well as how meatballs keep tired shoppers energized.

But while Filipino consumers welcome IKEA with open arms, current players in the furniture business have their eyes out for the new Swedish guy, because he’s big competition. Literally. –