‘Misterless Misis’ cast on being independent, standing on your own

Alexa Villano
‘Misterless Misis’ cast on being independent, standing on your own
Ruffa Gutierrez, Gelli de Belen, Lorna Tolentino, and Mitch Valdes on traditional gender roles and standing up for women today

MANILA, Philippines – The members of the cast of TV5’s upcoming show Misterless Misis are themselves independent women excited to portray modern characters who aren’t necessarily going with tradition. 

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. The cast of TV5's latest show 'Misterless Misis' during the press conference. Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler

Lead stars Ruffa Gutierrez, Gelli de Belen, Lorna Tolentino, and Mitch Valdes recently spoke to reporters at the press conference for the new show. They remarked that so many women have taken upon themselves to be leaders and breadwinners, while at same time, balancing family and personal life. 

RUFFA GUTIERREZ. Ruffa plays Diana, a separated wife who never gives up in finding Mr. Right in 'Misterless Misis.' Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler    (c) 2015 Manman Dejeto. All rights reserved.

“For me the women of today are getting more and more successful. They’re getting younger. And if you look around you, bihira na talaga yung babaeng nasa bahay lang, umoo na lang sa asawa (it’s rare that women are at home just waiting and saying yes to their husbands), everyone’s very independent, they are all empowered. And that’s how I would like to raise my children. 

“So I think pabata nang pabata yung mga kabataan ngayon na gusto maging independent especially sa mga kababaihan (many of today’s youth are getting younger who want to be independent, especially women), and for me I would like to teach my children to be independent and not to rely on a man for anything,” Ruffa said. In the show, Ruffa plays Diana, who is separated from her husband and is hoping to find Mr. Right.

GELLI DE BELEN. Gelli plays the role of Lisa, wife of an OFW in 'Misterless Misis.' Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler

Gelli, married to singer Ariel Rivera, believes that women can also be successful not only in their careers but also when it comes to family life. In the show, she is Lisa, a wife of an overseas Filipino worker who tries to make herself busy while her husband is abroad.

“I think independence just doesn’t mean successful with their jobs, with their careers. I think a woman who is married with children, a family maybe not working can also be independent. Pero nasa sa kanya iyon if she empowers herself with information, education and of course yung pagkatao niya kung buo siya. And marami na sa atin ganyan ngayon.  Although, s’yempre mas marami pa rin ang  hindi na empower ang sarili nila kaya naman siguro naisipan na gumawa ng ganitong show,” she said.

(But that’s up to her if she empowers herself with information, education and of course, herself, her whole self. And there are many of us that are like that. Although there are still many women out there that are not empowered by themselves, that’s why there is this kind of a show.)  

CAREER-ORIENTED WOMAN. Lorna Tolentino returns to television as Jenny in 'Misterless Misis.' Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler  

Lorna, whose husband, actor Rudy Fernandez, died in 2008 said that women have proven themselves in higher positions. Lorna takes on the role of Jenny, a career-oriented woman who is jaded about love due to her past.  

Mas marami na ngayon sa matataas na posisyon, maski na sa government, sa sports, sa corporation, yung mga major corporations, CEOs…nakikita mo na talaga yung woman power or women power na tinatawag natin. So ngayon lumalabas nanung 20 years ago hindi pa masyado…,” Lorna said.

(There are many women holding higher positions in government, in sports, even in corporations, the major corporations, CEOs…you are really seeing woman power, as we call it. Now it’s really coming out… if it were like 20 years ago, that wasn’t as present then…)

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Singer and comedian Mitch Valdes says she saw for herself the changes of women in  from the past up to the present. Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler

Mitch Valdes said that she has seen for herself the evolution of women empowerment and is glad that many women are now doing things by themselves. 

“I am the classic example of who was in the era of nung nag-uumpisa pa lang yung women’s movement. At that time it was called feminism in the ’60s, people were very shocked, but the first time I heard the concept of feminism ay naku! Gusto ko agad (I really liked it),” the comedian and singer said.

“There are still a lot of Filipino women na nakasalalay pa rin sa kultura na the male figure is the leader in the family, which is good because that’s why you got married…but maybe it’s best that you earn your own money…if you have your own money at binalibag ka sa tabi at layasan mo, may pera ka. (If you get hurt and set aside,, you have your own money.)”  

In Misterless Misis, Mitch plays Elsa, a widow who is still grieving following her husband’s death. 

The 4 ladies also shared their concept of happiness.  

“What makes me happy now is being with my kids. I am inspired and happy…so basically what makes me happy is when I make others happy,” Ruffa said.

Lagi ko kasama ang pamilya ko, ang apo ko…kahit paano hindi ako masyadong sakitin… Happy ako in a way I have my family yung friends, everybody…” Lorna said.

(I’m always with my family, my grandchild…at least I am not sickly…I’m happy in a way my family, my friends are here..) 

“Happy ako pag may me time. Masaya ako pagkasama ko pamilya ko (I’m happy when I’m with my family), I feel blessed,” Gelli said.

“I’m happy that I am single. I am happy when I see my other friends and that they love their children….I am happy that I have career at my age, I am happy that I have the advocacies that I work with, I am happy that have a great set of friends, and that I am  meeting more new friends. I am happy that I have a press con… but i think the biggest happiness is renewed relationship with God, that’s where I’m very happy,” Mitch said.

Also starring Ritz Azul and Andie Gomez with a drection by Mark Meily, Misterless Misis airs on August 9.  – Rappler.com










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