Jake Cuenca mum on Enrique Gil’s rumored bad behavior on London flight

Jake Cuenca mum on Enrique Gil’s rumored bad behavior on London flight
Reports say that Enrique Gil was allegedly inebriated during a recent flight, cursed at both Jessy Mendiola and Liza Soberano, and got called out by Luis Manzano

MANILA, Philippines  (UPDATED) – Did Enrique Gil and Luis Manzano argue because of how Enrique treated Jessy Mendiola?

This was the question many netizens asked on social media after reports surfaced that Enrique was allegedly drunk and causing trouble while on a plane to London. 

All 3 – Luis, Jessy and Enrique – were part of the crew of ASAP 20‘s “Live in London” show last week. 

According to a report from Pep, a witness said that actors Paulo Avelino and Jake Cuenca allegedly gave Enrique a Black Label drink during the flight to London. Enrique was said to have lost control of himself and harassed Jessy, which caused Luis to call him out.

At the press conference for Pasion de Amor‘s second chapter, Thursday, September 10, actor Jake Cuenca, who was on the same flight as Jessy and Enrique, wouldn’t comment about what happened, saying he was asleep when the incident happened.

Nabasa ko siya, nagulat ako, natawa ako. I was really not involved with the issue…. Hindi ako nagmamalinis or anything or what, but nagulat ako kasi I was not really involved…,” he said.

(I read about that, and I was surprised, I was amused.. I was really not involved with the issue… I’m not washing my hands of anything or what, but I was surprised because I was not really involved.)

Noong umaga, tumawag sa akin lahat nung mga taga-Star Magic congratulating me na ‘Uy! nag-mature ka na talaga, ganyan, na napalipasan ko na yung mga ganun. Aminin naman natin na I’m always part of controversies especially nung bata ako.”

(That morning, I got calls from people in Star Magic congratulating me that I’ve matured, that I’ve seen something like this through [without incident]. We all know that I’ve been part of controversies, especially when I was younger.)

“But like I said, malinis ang konsensiya ko (my conscience is clear), I didn’t do anything wrong. And on behalf of everyone who was involved kasi madaming (a lot are) involved…I can’t be their spokesperson and answer these questions. 

“You have to understand a lot of these people are my friends also…sa akin lang (for me), I wasn’t involved and I think you should be interviewing the right people involved in the incident.”

When asked about his reaction to Jessy getting involved, Jake repeated his statement that he cannot speak for those involved in the incident. The two previously starred together in Maria Mercedes and at one point were linked to each other.

As for Enrique, Jake said: “Ako ang makakapagsabi na (I can say that) Enrique has a pure heart. He’s such a great guy and in incidents like this na okasyon na maraming taong involved, na maraming na agrabyado (and in occasions like this where many people are involved and who were aggravated), the best thing in a moment in time like this is to take responsibility for your actions.” 

Paulo’s side

In a separate interview with Pep, Paulo said that he was not involved in the incident, and that the report that he and Jake were drinking in the plane was not true. 

Ako, sa mga nasulat sa akin, everything is fabricated and, kumbaga, it’s not the real story. 

(Those things that were written about me, everything is fabricated and, in other words, it’s not the real story.)

Sa akin, kung gusto niyo sigurong malaman ang totoong istorya, mas okay na sigurong manggaling kay Quen [Enrique].”

(For me, if you want to know the whole story, it would be better that it would come from Quen [Enrique].”

When asked what he would tell Enrique, Paulo said: “Live life… Live life and learn from your mistakes. Go on with life.”

Plane incident 

In an interview with IC Mendoza on Showbiz Konek na Konek, a witness, who did not reveal his name, said that he saw Jessy and Enrique along with two other people who were also allegedly intoxicated. 

“Sinabi nung narinig namin na huwag niyo na painumin, ganun. Pero parang nag-iinuman pa yata sila,” he said. (We heard someone say not to give any more drinks. But I think they were still drinking.)

The witness said that he saw Enrique touching Jessy’s shoulder, that he wanted to whisper something to her, but that she was ignoring him. That’s when Luis entered the picture. 

Kasi nakita namin na magkatabi si Jessy at si Luis. Tapos syempre lalaki siya, nakikita niya may binabastos na babae, syempre ipagtatanggol niya. Pinagsabihan niya.” (I think because Jessy and Luis were seated side by side. As a guy, Luis saw the girl was being disrespected so he defended her. He talked to him.)

When asked what Luis said, the witness heard Luis tell Enrique to control himself, saying that drink should only stay in the stomach.

But it did not end there because Enrique was heard allegedly shouting and cursing Jessy and Liza Soberano, Enrique’s on-screen partner. Liza was also said to have not been paying attention to him. 

Jessy on social media 

Star Magic has yet to issue a statement on the incident, but Jessy posted a cryptic message on Instagram, Wednesday, September 9, addressed to someone who has apparently been “fabricating stories” – though Jessy did not mention anyone by name. 

“The truth will always come out no matter how you lie about it. You know what you did, so don’t try to squeeze yourself out by fabricating stories. Even trying to ruin other people’s relationship with your twisted mind. Someone heard and saw what you did. What goes around comes back around brother,” she wrote. 

Meanwhile a report from Pep quotes Enrique’s camp as saying: “Wala naman daw. Nagkulitan lang. (Nothing, they were just goofing.) You can ask Luis pa daw, it was nothing as we know when boys have a few drinks. That’s all po.” 

Liza Soberano meanwhile posted a photo of her and Enrique, Thursday, September 10, with no comment on the issue. 

Enrique also shared a photo of him and Liza on Wednesday, September 9, and shared mostly God-centric posts on Instagram in the past days. 

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goodnight everyone

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Like it or not, all of the stars will soon have to face each other at the upcoming Star Magic Ball, happening very soon – unless, of course, someone decides to opt out at the last minute. – Rappler.com





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