#AlDub recap: Maine Mendoza social media hack makes its way to AlDub storyline

Alden and Yaya also pay tribute to Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III's tandem, plus a new character is introduced. See the pictures here

GUY AND PIP. Alden and Yaya Dub impersonate the tandem of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III in 'Eat Bulaga's Gaya-gaya Pa More.' Photo from Facebook/Eat Bulaga

MANILA, Philippines – Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza once again got their fans giddy as they impersonated one of the most popular tandems in Philippine showbiz in this week’s Kalyeserye. And they also had a special visitor from Cebu-based aunt Bebeng.

Following the success of the Tamang Panahon last October 24, fans of the AlDub tandem continue to watch with great anticipation about what will happen next in the blossoming romance between the two. Alden and Maine’s careers also continue to soar, with endorsements and projects galore, plus a movie in the works.

But it seems there is trouble once again brewing for the lovebirds when it comes to the storyline on the show. Here’s what happened this week:  

Lola Nidora got word that there will be someone coming to visit. It turned out to be their Cebu-based aunt Bebeng, whom Yaya Dub stayed with last month.

Sino kaya ang parating? #AlDub #Kalyeserye

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Nidora and her sisters Tidora and Tinidora got a visit from their aunt’s helper Chaka Kang, who gave them a letter, detailing what she wants to see when she visits them. All 3 read the letter, and Tidora and Tinidora immediately raised their protests on some of their aunt’s rules, which include: no short clothing, no loud music, not too much makeup, and no boys. 

Parating na si Tiya Bebeng. Saan naman pumunta si Yaya? #AlDub #Kalyeserye

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Meanwhile, Alden tried to cheer Yaya Dub up after it was discovered that all her social media accounts were hacked (in real life, Maine Mendoza’s Twitter and Instagram were hacked). Alden even impersonated Nidora, but it seemed it was not working. He even performed his pick-up lines to get Yaya to smile. But Yaya was not in the mood and even gave him the cold shoulder. Alden returned to his place feeling rejected. Nidora meanwhile scolded Yaya for snubbing Alden, saying all he wanted was to make her happy.  

Nidora and her sisters reminded everyone to be careful about posting on their social media accounts. Yaya Dub then said sorry to Alden, who accepted her apology.  

"You'll know he's someone special, when no matter what kind of mood you are in, he can always manage to make you smile. " 🙂

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Yaya Dub expressed her interest to perform in the “Gaya-Gaya Pa More segment’ of Eat Bulaga. Alden also said he would like to join and perform with Yaya. Nidora was initially hesitant but was convinced by Tidora and Tinidora to say yes afterwards.

On Thursday, November 5, all 4 prepared for Aunt Bebeng’s visit. Tidora wore light makeup, Tindora and Yaya wore long dresses, and the music was not too loud – in accordance to Bebeng’s rules. After the usual sugod bahay portion, aunt Bebeng (played by Gloria Romero) finally arrived with Chaka Kang behind her. 

Happy 16th weeksary! Pabebe Wave po tayo mga AlDubarkads! #Kalyeserye #AlDub

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She immediately started asking questions including why the 3 of them (Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora) have not been visiting her. All 3 apologized, saying they were busy. She also asked Nidora about the big event at the Philippine Arena and why she was not invited. Tidora and Tinidora immediately started talking and said it was all Nidora’s idea. Nidora meanwhile explained that her phone got hacked thus, she was not able to inform Bebeng about it.

But Bebeng was not finished. She immediately about the man courting Yaya Dub. Yaya explained the situation about Alden, and Bebeng told her she was to young, which Tidora and Tinidora said she was not. On cue came Alden, serenading Yaya with flowers and making a heart-shaped sign with the word “AlDub.” The lolas immediately rushed outside to meet him and cautioned Alden about their aunt Bebeng. 

Pumayag si Tiya Bebeng na magkita sina Alden at Yaya Dub sa Broadway para sa kanilang "gaya gaya pa more performance" sa Sabado.

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Alden was then formally introduced to Bebeng, who grilled him with questions and expressed concern upon learning he was an actor. Alden assured her that his intentions for Yaya were pure. He even sought her permission for him and Yaya to perform on Saturday, November 7. Bebeng was hesitant but finally agreed.

On Friday, Nidora arrived in a foul mood and the performance of Alden and Yaya was almost jeopardized after she said she was rethinking if the two should join. Nidora scolded Tidora and Tinidora, saying she felt the two left her to do all the explaining to their aunt, and the two apologized. Yaya and Alden started practicing for their performance, appearing as Elvis Presley and Madonna. Lola Nidora said that the two will perform together as a tandem.

Yaya Dub as Madonna. #Kalyeserye #AlDub

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Bae Alden as Elvis Presley.Wanna dance with him? 🙂

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Saturday, November 7: AlDub’s big performance day. But before that, Nidora, Tidora, Tinidora did their own impersonation of Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj to the tune of “Bang Bang.”

Nasaan ang singsing? #Kalyeserye #AlDub

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Finally, Nidora introduced their tandem. Alden came out first as Tirso “Pip” Cruz III with a doll, Maria Leonora Theresa, as a tribute to the “daughter” of the tandem. And when there’s a Pip, there’s a Guy. Out came Yaya Dub as Nora ” Guy” Aunor lip synching.



The also performed “Together Forever” and Alden serenaded her with his song “Wish I May.”



Yaya Dub responded:


Alden then gave her 3 roses. He also took the jewelry box and was about to put the ring of everlasting love on her finger. But when he opened it, both were shocked to find no ring inside. Nidora then went ballistic, insisting the ring should be found. 

Who took the ring of everlasting love? Will they ever find it? Tune in as the Kalyeserye continues. 

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