‘Forevermore’ extra demands suspension of Cathy Garcia-Molina

Vernise Tantuco
‘Forevermore’ extra demands suspension of Cathy Garcia-Molina

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Alvin Campomanes also wants a public apology, saying that a personal apology would not be enough

MANILA, Philippines – For Alvin Campomanes, college professor and former Forevermore extra, a personal apology from director Cathy Garcia-Molina and the other members of the crew and talent agency wouldn’t be enough at this point. (READ: Former ‘Forevermore’ talent: Director Cathy Garcia-Molina has no respect for extras)

On Wednesday, January 6, Alvin told Rappler through a Facebook message: “If the network (ABS-CBN) acted on this injustice in 2014, we would have accepted personal apologies. I think a public apology and a suspension would be enough for us.”

“We are not after money. This is all about standing up against attacks on human dignity. This is all about honor,” Alvin added.

In his message, Alvin also said that he and Rossellyn are still consulting with their lawyers on their current demands from the parties involved.

In 2014, the couple acted as extras on Cathy’s show, Forevermore, which stars Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. Alvin and Rossellyn played Makoy and Celia on the show.

After sending a complaint to ABS-CBN in 2014 about the verbal abuse and disrespect Alvin received from Cathy, the two never heard back about the disciplinary action that he demanded, or the apology.

In the same 2014 complaint, Alvin also demanded the same of John Leonardo, who they identified as a talent coordinator, and a “Miss Jeng,” a woman from the crew who allegedly refused to help them.

On January 5, ABS-CBN responded to an open letter that Rossellyn released on December 31, saying that it thought MTQ Promotions and Talent Management – the company that recruited Rossellyn and Alvin – had resolved the issue in 2014. ABS-CBN said its representatives are now speaking to the couple.

In his January 6 message, Alvin confirmed that the network has, indeed, reached out to them. They haven’t met yet, but have agreed to do so soon.

ABS-CBN TV production head Laurenti Dyogi told Alvin that ABS-CBN channel head Cory Vidanes, the Forevermore team, and a representative from the ABS-CBN Ombudsman would attend the meeting.

Alvin also shared that Laurenti personally called him and apologized for what happened. “He said there was no malice on his part not to act on it. I believe him because I know he is a good man. He is father to a former student of mine in Miriam. Mr Dyogi said that the talent supplier told them in 2014 that the matter had been dealt with,” said Alvin.

Alvin further confirmed that he and Rossellyn did meet with the talent supplier from MTQ before. The talent supplier apologized for what happened, and said she suspended John.

However, as Rossellyn said in her response to ABS-CBN’s statement, they were given no further updates on the matter.

“But how will we know if that (John’s suspension) was true? What about the apology of the other offenders? She was even confident then that Cathy Garcia-Molina can get away with this,” said Alvin.

“We never told the talent supplier that this matter is over. I do not know where she got that,” Alvin added in his message, in reference to ABS-CBN’s statement. “The most plausible thing is that out of fear that they (MTQ) will lose projects, they told the ABS-CBN executives it is over.”

Alvin is a historian and a faculty member at the University of the Philippines Manila. He previously taught at the University of Asia and the Pacific, Enderun Colleges, and other schools. – Rappler.com

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