WATCH: Identical twins stage time travel prank in New York City subway
WATCH: Identical twins stage time travel prank in New York City subway
Twins stage an elaborate prank to make them appear as future and present versions of one person.

MANILA, Philippines – New Yorkers just mind their own business on a subway ride, and it’s not unusual for people to solicit funds for whatever cause. Just like this, a man steps into a train carriage, however, passing the hat for an unbelievable – not to mention sketchy – cause: he wants help to build a time machine.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to disturb your evening commute, but I’m here to ask for some money. I’ve invented a time machine, and I just need the funding to help complete it,” says the man named David. “I have the technology. I’ve tried Kickstarter. I’ve tried Indiegogo. I’ve tried GoFundMe. Nothing works.”

Suddenly, a bearded man interrupts him at the next train stop. He claims and appears to be his future self. “Please do not give this man any money. I’m from the future, and I can tell you that it is bleak,” the “future” David urges commuters.

“Future versions” of some of the riders soon follow, imploring their present selves to get their money back because David “is gonna destroy the world in the process” of building the time machine.

In the end, they let their jig up. Apparently, twins were just recruited to take part in this elaborate scene staged by New York-based prank collective, Improv Everywhere.

Their website says that this is the third prank that they pulled off with twin actors: “In 2008, we put 15 pairs of identical twins on a subway car sitting across from each other, dressed identically. In 2013, we used two pairs of twins for a Back to the Future-themed prank. This project was a bit of a mix of the two.”



Was the prank funny? What do you think – thumbs up or thumbs down? Do you want this to happen in the MRT or LRT (maybe on a less busy day)? Let us know in the comments. –

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