Meet the 4 new sang’gres of the ‘Encantadia’ 2016 reboot
Meet the 4 new sang’gres of the ‘Encantadia’ 2016 reboot
(UPDATED) Dingdong Dantes, Solenn Heussaff, John Arcilla, Rocco Nacino, and Ruru Madrid are also part of the new cast

MANILA, Philippines  (3rd UPDATE) – Avisala! Fantasy series Encantadia is back after a decade off the air.

After months of waiting and hints, the 4 new sang’gres (princesses) of GMA 7’s upcoming reboot of Encantadia was revealed on Monday, April 4 on 24 Oras.

The 4 sang’gres are:

Glaiza de Castro as Pirena, the keeper of the gem of fire, originally played by Sunshine Dizon. As the eldest of the 4 sisters, she is the wisest and the ambitious one. She has always prepared herself to one day become Queen of Lireo but she gets consumed by hatred, especially towards her sister Amihan.

@glaizaredux is #Pirena! #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaReveal24Oras

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Kylie Padilla is Amihan, the keeper of the wind gem, originally played by Iza Calzado. Amihan succeeds her mother Mine-a as Queen of Lireo, and is the most-skilled warrior among the sisters.

@kylienicolepadilla is #Amihan! #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaReveal24Oras

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Gabbi Garcia takes on the role of Alena, the keeper of the water gem, who was originally played by Karylle. Alena is the third sister who has been blessed with a beautiful voice that can paralyze or kill the enemy.


.@_gabbigarcia is #Alena! #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaReveal24Oras

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Newcomer Sanya Lopez is Danaya, the youngest of the sisters and the keeper of the earth gem, played by Diana Zubiri in the original series. Danaya has the ability to communicate with animals and plants, and also heal the wounded. She tends to get into petty arguments and often clashes with the eldest sister, Pirena. 

@sanyalopez is #Danaya! #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaReveal24Oras

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Sunshine Dizon and Diana Zubiri congratulated the new cast especially Glaiza and Sanya who will take on the roles they played on the show.





Iza Calzado also congratulated Kylie Padilla.


On their Instagram, GMA Artist Center revealed the other cast members.

Rocco Nacino as Aquil


#RoccoNacino is Aquil #Encantadia #Encantadia2016 #GmaArtistCenter #ArtistCenter #EncantadiaReveal24Oras

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Ruru Madrid as Ybarro

#RuruMadrid is #Ybarro #Encantadia #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaReveal24Oras #ArtistCenter #GmaArtistCenter

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Klea Pineda as Muyak


Migo Adecer as Anthony


Kate Valdez as Mira

#KateValdez is Mira #EncantadiaReveal24Oras # #Encantadia2016 #GmaArtistCenter #Encantadia

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Mikee Quintos as Lira

#MikeeQuintos is Lira #Encantadia2016 #Encantadia #EncantadiaReveal24Oras #ArtistCenter #GmaArtistCenter

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Pancho Magno as Hitano

#PanchoMagno is Hitano #ArtistCenter #GmaArtistCenter #Encantadia #EncantadiaReveal24Oras #Encantadia2016

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Vaness del Moral as Gurna


PEP also reported that other key roles in the show will be played by:


  • John Arcilla as Hagorn, the leader of Hathoria, originally played by Pen Medina.
  • Solenn Heussaff as Cassiopea, the first queen of Lireo played by Cindy Kurleto.
  • Carlo Gonzales as Muros, the second in command guard of Lireo, originally played by Arthur Solinap.
  • Rochelle Pangilinan as Agane, Hagorn’s right hand woman which was originally played by Leila Kuzma.


AGANE!! #encantadiareveal24oras #Encatadia #Agane

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Christian Bautista as Apitong, the leader of the Mandirigmas, played by John Regala in the original series. 

Dingdong Dantes, who played the original Ybarro/Ybrahim will return to the show as Raquim, the prince of Sapiro and Amihan’s father.


The announcement of the 4 gem keepers confirmed an early report that they were chosen, with a photo circulating online.


 Prior the announcement, director Mark Reyes posted a teaser.

Ang apat na Sangre sa 24Oras… #encantadiareveal24oras #encantadiks #gmanetwork #encantadia2016

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The director also shared the new symbols of the 4 kingdoms – Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya.

“Magsimula Na Tayo” – Haring Ybrahim #encantadia2016 #encantadiks #gmanetwork #encantadiareveal24oras

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In a report on 24 Oras, director Mark said that as early as 2009, they have been preparing for the show’s reboot, calling it a “requel” or the retelling of the story.

It was previously announced that Marian Rivera will play the role of Mine-a or Ynang Reyna (Queen Mother) in the show. Starstruck winners Klea Pineda and Migo Adecer were also confirmed to be part of the cast. 


In 2010, a new series titled Encantadia: The Second Saga was in the plans of GMA. However, the project was put on hold.

Encatandia was a popular “fantaserye” which first aired in 2005, and spawned two sequel series, Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia and Encantadia: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas. –


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