Jake Cuenca, Sara Grace Kelley ‘working things out’

Jake Cuenca, Sara Grace Kelley ‘working things out’
'Siya yung sinisigaw ng puso ko.' Months after breaking up, Jake says he and his former girlfriend are trying to make it work again

MANILA, Philippines – Months after they broke up, Jake Cuenca said that he and his American girlfriend Sara Grace Kelley are trying to make it work.

Sara was present during a small awards ceremony on June 17, when Jake got his 2016 World Cinema Festival best actor award for Mulat. Director Marian Diane Ventura accepted the award for him in Brazil weeks before.

Sara waited for Jake while he was answering questions from the press after the awarding. Jake explained that they’re making the most of their time together while she’s is in the Philippines, as Sara, a model, is heading to China soon for a modeling job.

In March, Jake said that they broke up in December 2015 because of the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, among other issues.

But since then, Jake, together with Arci Muñoz, toured the States for an event with Ai-Ai delas Alas, and visited LA and New York. Since he and Sara are still friends, they saw each other, recounted Jake, and patched things up.

When asked if they had already settled their past issues, Jake said no, but Sara is still very special to him. “Yung time apart yung nakapagparealize sa amin na sobrang iba eh (The time apart was when we realized that what we have is so different). Something special,” he said.

“I think being single again made me realize – I can’t talk for her – made me realize how special she is in my life. I’ve always said it, may special place sa puso ko (in my heart), and I meant it, every word, I meant it, at gagawin ko talaga lahat kasi, para sa akin, talaga mahal na mahal ko talaga siya (and I will do everything becuase, for me, I really love her),” he continued.

Sara is special

This goes out to my favorite person in the world @saragracekelley . Thank you so much for spending time with me here in the city. The circumstances have changed but you are still the only person who can make me smile the way that you do, the only person I know who can make my heart skip a beat. We might not be together anymore but our friendship will last forever. I will always love you Unconditionally. there will always be a special place for you in my heart. Because you for me? You are the most amazing person I have ever met beautiful inside and out . I will always be here to support you and your dreams and i would still drop everything just to be with you when you need me. I don't know when or where I'll see you again the uncertainty scares me. But one thing for sure is that this isn't goodbye it's see you later. #robbers #robbersforlife

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When reporters commented that Sara is the only one of Jake’s girlfriends that he went back to, he agreed and said she and this relationship is different. “For me, yung past ko, wala na (it’s nothing), there’s no relevance. To me, my understanding – what I think love is, is her. So mahal na mahal ko talaga siya (So I really love her).

“To me she’s sobrang (very) special. Like I said nga, parang everything that I went through in the past, I’ve come to forget about everything, parang nabura lahat yun kasi when I met her doon ko naintindihan kung ano yung pagmamahal. And nakita niyo naman the lengths that I went [through] – pinuntahan ko siya nang dalawang beses, despite having a busy schedule, I still tried to make time, kasi I wanted her back in my life.”

(To me she’s very special. Like I said, everything I went through in the past, I’ve come to forget about everything, it’s like everything was erased because when I met her, that’s when I understood what love was. And you saw the lengths I went [through] – I visited her twice, despite having a busy schedule, I still tried to make time, because I wanted her back in my life.)

Later, Jake added that things are also different this time around because he’s more mature: “Alam ko na yung pag special yung isang bagay di mo na dapat pagbitawan, kung mawala man ‘yan you should fight to get it back, you know?”

(I know that if you have something special, you shouldn’t let it go, if you lose it, you should fight to get it back, you know?)

‘Working things out’

You're the apple of my eye.@saragracekelley

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While they aren’t exactly back together yet, Jake said that he and Sara are working things out.

“We’re still working things out. I mean, obviously parang hindi muna kami nagmamadali (we’re not in any rush right now), but everything’s going well,” he said.

They’re still in a long-distance relationship, but for Jake, it’s something they can work around.

“Kahit nung nagbreak kami, eh alam mo ‘yon, pag mahal mo yung isa’t isa, nakakahanap ka ng paraan eh, ‘yon yung nangyayari, gumawa kami parehas ng paraan, it wasn’t just me. She found her ways too, ginawan niya ng paraan pumunta sa akin, ginawan niya ng paraan.

(Even when we broke up, you know, when you love each other, you find ways, that’s what happened. We both found ways, it wasn’t just me. She found her ways too, she found a way to go to me, she found a way.)

“Nangyari ang nangyari eh… Di nalang ako nagiging nega, di ko na iisipin yung distansiya, basta ito ang nararamdaman ko, siya yung sinisigaw ng puso ko, that’s where I stand.”

(What happened happened… I just won’t be nega, I won’t think about the distance. This is what I feel, she’s who my heart screams for, that’s where I stand.)

Jake joked with reporters that his dramatic lines were suited for a romantic comedy, but became serious again when asked about their future plans. For now, he said, they’re taking it one day at a time.

“Kasi ang hirap eh, if you try to think way too fast – yung pressure. Iyan yung desisyon namin we’re taking it one day at a time,” he explained.

(Because it’s so hard, if you try to think way too fast  – the pressure. That’s our desision, we’re taking it one day at a time.)

Is Sara the one? Jake answered, “For me, wala na akong ibang gusto. Siya ang gusto ko.” (For me, I don’t want anyone else. She’s the one I want.) – Rappler.com

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