WATCH: What Kiko Matos told Baron Geisler right after their MMA fight

Plus, more of what they said after the big fight. Kiko: 'Mas maraming importanteng bagay kaysa sa walang kwentang laban na 'to'

All photos by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – After their Universal Reality Combat Champtionship (URCC) MMA fight on Saturday, June 25, Kiko Matos told reporters what he said to Baron as the two hugged it out in the cage: “Ang sabi ko, mahal ko siya. Mahal ko siya.” (I said I loved him. I loved him.) (READ: After fight, Baron Geisler, Kiko Matos make up: Okay na kami)



Kiko and Baron settled their differences in a mixed martial arts cage after an altercation at a bar in May. Their URCC fight ended in a 19-19 unanimous draw. 

Their meetings leading up to the fight, a special exhibition in URCC’s Fight Night, was fraught with tension.

HUGGING IT OUT. Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos say they are now on good terms with each other, after fighting it out in an MMA cage. Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

At the height of their off-cage antics, Kiko sprayed what he said was his own piss at Baron during their weigh-in, a day before the fight. After the URCC match, Kiko admitted that the contents of the bottle was actually beer, not piss. ([WATCH] Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos: Pee-spraying, taunts, tension at fight weigh-in)

But when the two gave interviews after their fight, both said they are now okay with each other, citing their hugging it out at the end of the fight as proof. 


They also answered what they took away from the fight that night. “Pagmamahal, respeto sa isa’t isa,” answered Baron. “Trust sa mga coaches, trust sa mga tao around you, especially sa mga tunay na nag-mamahal sa’yo. Alagaan mo sila.”

(Love, respect for one another. Trusting your coachs, trusting the people around you, especially the ones who really love you. Take care of them.)

Baron, who took a lot of hits to the face, jokingly added, “And yeah, back to work, papagwapo ako ulit, malay mo, magpapagupit ako.” (Yeah, back to work, I’ll have to get handsome again first. Who knows, I might get a haircut.)

On Kiko’s end – the two were interviewed in separate tents – he simply said, “Mas maraming importanteng bagay kaysa sa walang kwentang laban na ‘to. (There are more important things in life that this pointless fight.)

The two also teased they’d be open to having drinks with each other after that night, referencing the fight at a bar that started it all. –