Kiko Matos says ‘pee spray’ was beer, not urine
Right after the pee-spraying incident, both actors said it was urine. But after the fight, Kiko clarifies that it was beer: '...Maa-annoy din ako. Beer lang, tapos all for show.'

A moment from the Baron Geisler-Kiko Matos fight Saturday night, June 25. All photos by Alecs Ongcal

MANILA, Philippines – Fans following their pre-Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) antics were shocked to hear that Kiko Matos sprayed “piss” at Baron Geisler during their weigh-in. ([WATCH] Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos: Pee-spraying, taunts, tension at fight weigh-in)

On Friday, June 24, the two had just finished weighing in and were posing for photos, when Kiko whipped out a spray bottle and said, “Baron, inumin mo yung ihi ko.” (Baron, drink my piss.) (IN PHOTOS: Baron Geisler, Kiko Matos weigh-in before URCC Fight Night)


But in a statement later that night, URCC founder Alvin Aguilar said that the bottle contained beer, not pee. “I would never allow a sick display like that from any of our fighters even if they were just in an exhibition bout. If that was really urine that would be unacceptable and I would pull Kiko out,” he said.

To set the record straight, reporters asked Kiko after their highly-anticipated URCC fight what it was that he sprayed at Baron that day.

POST-FIGHT. Kiko Matos explains that the contents of the bottle he sprayed at Baron was beer, not piss. Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

Beer po yung laman ng bote. Sinabi ko lang na ihi para magkaroon ng ingay, tapos nilagay ko po ay beer, hindi talagang ihi. Pang-asar lang po iyon,” said Kiko with a sheepish smile.

(The contents of the bottle was beer. I just said it was pee to make noise, then I put beer in it, not pee. It was just to annoy him.)


When asked if he wouldn’t really pull a stunt like that, Kiko answered, “Hindi, bastos ‘yun eh, bastos talaga ‘yun. Maa-annoy din ako. Beer lang, tapos all for show.”

(No, that’s rude, that’s really rude. I’d get annoyed too. It was just beer and it was all for show.)

Kiko then explained that the fight – including their pre-fight antics – were just for fun for him, and that he never had a game plan for defeating Baron.

“I just wanted to put up a character na maasar rin si Baron para matakot ko rin siya. Actually, I just wanted to shut up every time na humihirit siya, pero I think it was fun rin na sumasagot ako sa kanya. Lalo na nung sprinayan ko siya ng so-called ihi, pero beer lang po talaga iyon,” he reiterated.

(I just wanted to put up a character that Baron would get annoyed with so that he’d get scared too. Actually, I wanted to shut up every time he taunted me, but I think it was still fun to answer back. Especially when I sprayed him with so-called pee, but that was really just beer.)

“I was having fun while nag-aasaran kami, and even in the ring, I just wanted to have fun, I didn’t wanna become gigil, I just wanted to have fun with this night,” Kiko continued. “And di bale nang draw, di bale nang matalo, basta ang importante lang sa akin, hindi ako sumuko and tinapos ko po yung laban na nakatayo.”

(I was having fun while we were annoying each other, even in the ring, I just wanted to have fun, I didn’t want to get too mad about it, I just wanted to have fun with this night. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a draw, it doesn’t matter if I lost, what was important to me was that I didn’t give up and and I finished the fight standing.)

Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

In separate interviews after the pee incident, both confirmed to reporters that the contents of the spray bottle was really pee.

When he was asked if the pee in the bottle was fake, Kiko answered, “Hindi, gusto mo kunin natin yung bote?” (No, do you want me to get the bottle?)

Later, Baron also said that the pee was real, telling Rappler, “Yeah, it’s crazy. I should really shower after this, I’m sorry.”

When asked for his opinion on the incident, Baron said about Kiko, “Well as I said earlier, sa interview ko (in my interview), he’s very classless. He belongs in a zoo, diba (right)? … Why would he do such a cheap shot, spraying piss all over my body? That’s inhumane.”

Baron and Kiko’s fight began with an altercation at a bar, and ended with their URCC fight, where they tied at 19-all. After their fight, both actors said there is no more animosity between them anymore. –