Former ‘Pinoy Dream Academy’ contestant surrenders to police for drug use
Former ‘Pinoy Dream Academy’ contestant surrenders to police for drug use
Former 'Pinoy Dream Academy' singer Jay-R Siaboc surrenders to the Cebu police and admits using drugs while denying that he sells any

MANILA, Philippines – Former Pinoy Dream Academy singer Jay-R Siaboc surrendered himself to police in Toledo City, Cebu – after rumors spread that he was a drug pusher.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jay-R went to the Toledo City Police Office on Tuesday, July 12, with his wife and cousin. There, he admitted to using drugs with his wife, but denied selling any.

Jay-R was then interrogated, where he said that he got his supply from friends in Barangay Awihao.

The PDA runner-up also signed a waiver and will be monitored by police.

According to ABS-CBN, it was the rumors that he was a drug pusher that convinced Jay-R to surrender.

They also reported that Siaboc admitted that it was because of the nature of his job as a singer – traveling from place to place – that exposed him to illegal drugs.

Jay-R finished first runner-up in season 1 (2006) of Pinoy Dream Academy. Singer Yeng Constantino won the grand prize.

On Jay-R’s situation, Yeng told ABS-CBN: “Una sa lahat, maganda ‘yung desisyon na ginawa niya dahil gusto niyang magbago na ng buhay. Pangalawa, ‘yung realidad ng political will ni Digong (President Rodrigo Duterte), makikita mong ganito ang effect na mismong ‘yung mga taong alam nila na may mali silang ginagawa, sila na ‘yung kusang nagsasabi na ayaw na nila nito, ayaw na nilang gumamit ng droga.”

(First of all, his decision was good because he wants to change his life. Second, the reality of President Rodrigo Duterte’s political will, you can see its effect, that it’s the people themselves who know they’ve done wrong, they’re the ones who are saying they don’t want to do any more wrong, they don’t want to do drugs.)

Yeng finished by saying that she and their friends from PDA support Jay-R.

Jay-R is one of the hundreds of drug suspects who surrendered to police on Tuesday. These suspects have come forward after the Philippine National Police (PNP) listed more than 200 users and more than 200 pushers under their “Tokhang” campaign.

Oplan Tokhang refers to the strategy of the police nationwide to convince known drug users and pushers to surrender and undergo rehabilitation. The campaign was launched nationwide on July 1, a day after Duterte was sworn into office. – with reports from Jazmin Bonifacio/


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