Donita Rose confirms separation from husband
Donita Rose confirms separation from husband

Manman Dejeto

Donita says she and husband Eric Villarama have been separated for some time now

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Donita Rose confirmed that she and husband Eric Villarama have separated.

Donita confirmed this when she on Good Times With MoTuesday, July 12, when a caller asked her about it.

When asked the reason behind the separation, Donita said (as quoted in PEP): “It’s not the long-distance relationship part that led [to our separation]… It’s other things too.”

According to Donita, she and Eric tried to make the relationship work despite some trouble that they went through in the past years.

She also admitted to feeling disappointed upon learning that there were Instagram photos of Eric with another girl.


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“Actually, I only found out when I guested the last time, a couple of days ago.”

“I will say that I was shocked. Because there were comments that were made after, ‘What’s going on?’ 

“Although we’ve been separated for a while already,” she said. “During that whole two years plus, we’ve been, you know, it’s been on and off, on and off.”

She later continued about the Instagram posts, and said that she made their separation “official when the other day I found out that he came out with a [photo with another woman].”

“I think his profile pic is with [some girl], we did talk about it the other day and he apologized to me.”

As to whether a third party was involved in their separation or not, Donita said that she just wasn’t ready to talk about it yet. She also said that it has been very painful for her. 

“In the case of my husband, I will say that it is a very painful, not just very painful, it’s devastating to go through,” she said.

Although she’s not yet ready to elaborate about what happened, her concern now is her son JP.  “The hardest part is when you have kids, in this case, my son,” she said.

“But one thing that I take comfort in knowing is that sometimes God has to work through adversity. We don’t really learn a lot through the good times.

“It’s really through the trials and difficulties you really start seeking answers, really turning to God,”

Despite what happened, Donita said, “I feel that after everything that has happened to me, believe it or not, I actually feel that I’ve become a better person out of it.”

“There’s a lot of wisdom, it’s not all naivete, happy-happy, joy-joy,” she added. “Same thing with my son. My son has matured a lot through this.”

Donita and Eric married in 2003 in the US. –


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