WATCH: Learn about the history of ‘Encantadia’
The 5th kingdom of 'Etheria' is also shown in the primer

THE 4 ELEMENTS. Danaya, Pirena, Amihan, and Alena as the keepers of the 4 elemental gems. Screengrab from Facebook/Encantadia 2016

MANILA, Philippines – We have seen a glimpse of Encantadia through its trailers and how the sangg’res are gearing up for war. Now a new primer has been released, showing the history of the 4 kingdoms.

In the video “Ang Kuwento ng Encantadia (The Story of Encantadia),” Imaw, the wise Adamyan, narrates how 3 Bathalas (Gods), Emre, Arde, and Ether, saw the first humans, who they were not happy with. They considered the humans barbaric and powerless.

They then decided to create to create the encantados and encantadas with powers – the Diwatas, the Adamyans, the Sapiryans, and the Hathors – who reside in the wondrous land of Encantadia.

All 4 kingdoms then began to worship Emre, making Arde and Ether jealous. The two plotted to kill Emre, but he found out and transformed the two into a dragon and a snake, respectively.

Some of the encantados showed their loyalty to Ether, and then founded the 5th kingdom: Etheria. Led by its queen Avria, who wanted to be the ruler of the whole land, she tried to conquer all 4 kingdoms. She was defeated by the rest who united against her – leading to the destruction of her realm.

Avria, the queen of Etheria. Screengrab from Facebook/Encantadia 2016

Since then, the 4 kingdoms were known to be the remaining ones in Encantadia, which Imaw described as: “Ang mundo na punong-puno ng hiwaga at mahika.” (A world full of wonder and magic.)

An interactive map of the kingdoms was also shown. 


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