Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino open up about their breakup

Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino open up about their breakup
Rocco and Lovi have split amicably, the two say, as they look back on a 'very good relationship'


MANILA, Philippines –  Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino may have broken up, but it was an amicable split, the two said in separate interviews.

After Rocco confirmed their breakup, Lovi opened up about what the two could agree on: 2 good years “of love and happiness,” as she said in an interview with PEP.

She shared the reason behind their breakup: “It’s just that we have a very good relationship. Tapos (Then), after two years of love and happiness, I guess it’s just time for us to grow separately, as individuals.”

“I think we’re still actually too young to carry that kind of relationship that we have.”

Lovi added, “Actually, we were very relaxed, we took care of each other, very supportive kami.” She also reiterated that they just felt they needed to discover themselves and grow.”

“I have to be more woman, he has to more of a man,” she said. “Marami pa kaming kailangang madiskubre sa sarili namin (There’s still more to discover about ourselves).”

She had generous remarks about the actor, too: “Rocco is a really good guy, very ideal naman talaga (really). It’s just that, ako, bilang isang tao, I feel like hindi pa ako buo as an individual.”

“We had to work on ourselves talaga. I’m always the problem.”

Rocco on ‘a relationship full of love’

In a separate interview with Rappler last July 13 at the Encantadia press conference, Rocco, who plays Aquil in the GMA series, confirmed that he is indeed single. Previously, the actor had insisted on keeping the matter private.

Like Lovi, Rocco also looked back fondly on their relationship, “It was a good two years […] It was a relationship full of love, definitely.”

After reports and rumors circulated about their split, the two were the subject of controversy. Some had alleged that the reason behind their breakup was Rocco stealing from a supposed joint bank account of theirs. Others also said that there was a third party involved.

“Isa lang ang masasabi ko: maayos yung pagpapalaki sa akin ng magulang ko (I can only say one thing: my parents have raised me well),” Rocco said.

“And hindi rin ako naniniwala sa (And I really don’t believe in) […] having a joint account,” he added. “Kaya sa relationship, dapat kanya-kanya. ‘Pag boyfriend-girlfriend pa lang kayo, hindi dapat.

(That’s why in a relationship, you should be independent. If you’re just at the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, you shouldn’t have a joint account.”

He denied that such an account exists: “I earn my own money naman eh, so I can buy my own things.”

Rocco added that Lovi was supportive and defended him against such allegations. 

“Tinulungan naman ako ni Lovi. I’m happy naman na she was there for me, when I needed her kasi wala namang katotohanan yun, eh.” 

(Lovi actually helped me. I’m happy that she was there for me, when I needed her because those claims have no basis in truth.)

“At kilala naman niya ako, kilala naman niya ang pamilya ko, na hindi ako pinalaki na ganun,” he said.

(And she knows me, she knows my family – that I wasn’t raised to be like that)

On the possibility of getting back together?

“Hindi ko alam. (I don’t know) Siyempre (Of course), doors will always be open,” Rocco told reporters at the Encantadia grand press conference.

On the other hand, Lovi admitted that like the end of any relationship, it was saddening for them. 

When reporters raised with her possibility of them getting back together, she said, as quoted by PEP: “If it happens in the future, kung mangyaring (if it happens that) we meet again, it’s gonna happen.”

“If it doesn’t, then, I guess it’s just not meant to be,” she added. “So, whatever happens in the future, we don’t know naman.”

In spite of their breakup, Lovi said, “I will always treasure what I had with my past relationship. I will never forget that.” – with reports from Alexa Villano/Rappler.com

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