Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito’s heated Twitter exchange
Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito’s heated Twitter exchange
The two lash out each other on social media after Jake accuses Andi of using him to promote her new movie 'Camp Sawi'

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial ex-couple Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito surprised their fans on Tuesday, August 16, when they had a heated discussion with each other on Twitter.

The issue started after Jake tweeted about why his name was mentioned while Andi was promoting her upcoming movie Camp Sawi. (READ: Andi Eigenmann on ex Jake Ejercito, dating life)

Alright, I’ve no idea why I’m being mentioned in interviews to promote something I’m not even part of and when my closest connection to the film is someone I haven’t been in proper contact with for a long time. 

“Can’t you promote your film by only entertaining questions about the film or perhaps your career?

“As much as I’ve tried my best to ignore it, I can’t stay silent when I am conveniently and effortlessly being maligned out of nowhere.

“Stay positive and real, everyone. And for those who aren’t, try it. Life is too awesome,” Jake said, adding the hashtag #CampMoveOn.


Andi tweeted back and defended herself from Jake’s accusation. She said that she merely answered the media’s questions. 

Here’s Andi’s series of tweets:










(Based on just our movie title you already know what it’s about. Of course in all the interviews, the first question directed at us 5 [co-stars] is about a time that we experienced being unlucky in love. It’s called [Camp Sawi].

Before you think that you’re being used for a movie, I wish you had thought first that we were just answering based on what we felt at the time. I’m sorry that even though we’ve broken up already, I still can’t share how I personally moved on.

Is it just me or it diminishes your character that you can’t accept that you’ve hurt someone else? Out of the 5 girls who are unlucky in love, I’m the only one with an ex who felt that he was being used to promote the movie.) 

Andi also said that she has other cast members to help her promote the movie and that Jake was the only one who made a comment.






(I have 4 beautiful, sexy, and amazing co-stars in this movie, I don’t need you to get people to watch our movie. So before you think that you are being used, or that I’m implicating you in the movie, tell people instead not to ask me about the people or time hurt me the most.)






(Just in case it wasn’t obvious, Mr Jake Ejercito, all that was for you.)

Andi also told Jake not to be arrogant, and said that she was not destroying his reputation.








(Clarification: I did not discredit him, I did not talk about him in the present tense. I did not bash him. It’s actually good that I can admit that I’m unlucky in love. Why, is that not allowed?

Take note: only a narcissist can think of that! You and Taylor [Swift] would make a good match. That’s why the person you love disappeared from your life, because you were too busy looking for all the mistakes instead of looking at the things that were right. So DON’T ME. Camp Sawi is the movie’s title, [but in real life] I think I’m the camp master of [Camp Move On].)

In a response to a Twitter follower who told him to listen to Andi, Jake said:  “No thanks. I’d rather be real than be a relevant sham any day.” 


He continued, saying: “And when the entire story and the truth comes out, you’ll thank me for exposing and ridding the world of another fake. But ’til then, [peace].”



Andi responded by taking a swipe at Jake’s appearance on Eat Bulaga’s “Kalyeserye” starring the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, also known as AlDub.


In the end, Andi said she doesn’t regret answering Jake’s tweets: “I merely stood up for myself. And that is something I will not apologize for.”


Jake, for his part, said: “Stay positive and stay real. And smile through the bs.”



It was in 2014 that Andi confirmed that she and Jake ended their relationship.

A week before their exchange on Twitter, Andi confirmed that she is dating a new guy, but refused to reveal his identity. –

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