Maxene Eigenmann: Jake Ejercito is the father of Andi’s daughter
Maxene Eigenmann: Jake Ejercito is the father of Andi’s daughter
(UPDATED) 'He’s the dad. They’re co-parenting,' says Maxene, who confirmed that Jake is the biological father of Andi's daughter Ellie

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Maxene Eigenmann, half-sister of actress Andi Eigenmann, said Jake Ejercito is the father of Andi’s daughter Ellie.

Maxene said this in an interview on Mo Twister’s podcast, Good Times with Mo, on Thursday, September 22.

On Friday, September 30, Andi sent a statement to ABS-CBN, asking for privacy for Ellie. She did not name Ellie’s father. 

Andi said: “Recent events have put my daughter Ellie into the limelight with the media, netizens, and strangers questioning who her father is. I made a conscious choice not to talk about the paternity of my daughter in order to protect the privacy of Ellie.

“Although she was born into a showbiz family, as a mother, I would like to shield her from the intrigues and gossip that are part of the industry. Growing up, Ellie knew who her father was and he has been there for her, and that’s all that matters. I hope this will put the issue to rest, out of concern for my very young daughter. I’m requesting everyone to respect the privacy of Ellie.”

In Maxene’s interview with Mo Twister, at around the 1:24:54 mark, Mo asked Maxene how she felt about all the drama between her sister Andi and Andi’s ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.

Though they’ve broken up, Andi and Jake made headlines again in August when the two exchanged heated words on Twitter. (READ:Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito’s heated Twitter exchange)

“They’re always like that,” Maxene said. “And to be honest… no they’re not going to get back together. I don’t think so.”

When Mo commented that he liked them together, Maxene agreed and added, “And you know that he’s the father of my niece, right?”

“I mean, yeah, but not biological, right? But still a father figure,” said Mo, to which Maxine replied, “No no, he is, he is [the biological father], they did a [DNA] test. Yeah, he’s the dad.”

When Mo expressed surprise, Maxene explained further: “He’s the dad. They’re [Jake and Andi] co-parenting. That’s why he always posts photos of my niece and stuff.”

When asked if Jake gets any visitation rights, Maxene said that Jake sees Ellie all the time.

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Jake and Andi have yet to speak up on the matter. 

In previous interviews, Andi has said that Jake is the “father” of Ellie: “When I was pregnant, Jake was there for me. He took care of us, so he’s the father.”

In the same interview, Andi also said that there has been no DNA test, and that the identity of Ellie’s father is between her and her family.

When Andi got pregnant in 2011, it was speculated that the father of her child was actor Albie Casiño, who she was dating at the time. Andie then dated Jake, but confirmed in 2014 that she and Jake had ended their relationship.

On Mo’s show, Maxene also said that Andi is currently seeing someone: “My sister has a boyfriend, for like a year now. This surfer guy, who is a younger brother of my friend, coincidentally,” Maxene said.

Andi herself confirmed in August that she is dating a new guy, but refused to reveal his identity. –

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