WATCH: How does Doctor Strange fare at a kid’s party?
WATCH: How does Doctor Strange fare at a kid’s party?
'I don't understand. Are they possessed?' says Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange upon seeing the screaming kids

MANILA, Philippines – Doctor Strange may be a powerful sorcerer, but kids’ parties are definitely not his specialty.

In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! released on YouTube on October 20, Jimmy hired Doctor Strange – or Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars in the upcoming film about the superhero – to entertain a few kids at a party.

But Strange didn’t seem to get the message that it was a children’s party, as he shows up 30 minutes late demanding to “show [him] the demons.”

“I don’t understand,” said a confused Doctor Strange to Jimmy upon seeing the screaming kids. “Are they possessed?”

“Basically,” replied Jimmy. “They ate like, 50 cupcakes.”

Doctor Strange couldn’t vanquish the kids of course, but a cool $150 convinces him to stay at the party and make balloon animals instead.

Watch how the Doctor Strange deals with it in the video above and let us know what you think in the comments! –

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