Here’s what Miley Cyrus has to say about her engagement ring
Here’s what Miley Cyrus has to say about her engagement ring
(UPDATED) 'Well, this isn't really my aesthetic, but I'll wear it 'cause you love me,' says Miley on the ring rumored to be from Liam Hemsworth

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have kept quiet about their relationship status even though reports have said that they are back together and once again engaged.

But in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Miley spoke up about the ring she now wears on her left hand, where people often wear their engagement rings. Miley posted photos of it in January, which led many to believe that it was the same one that Liam gave her when they got engaged in 2012.

“So there’s a photo – that got a lot of attention – of your engagement ring. Are you wearing it right now?” asked Ellen when Miley was a guest on her show on Thursday, October 27. 

“I am,” Miley said, before talking about what commitment and marriage meant to her: 

“I actually don’t talk about it that much, but I think that something that people should understand is I think young people in general, what we wear, and what a relationship and a commitment means, is very different to what tabloids like to make it mean.

“And I think young people have a different idea of partnering, and not feeling that this necessarily means this is gonna have a legal document signed and dated, because it’s really sharing a life with someone and not about a legal paper that tells me anything. Even though I fought so hard for LGBTQ rights to be able to get married but I don’t really even want to.”


Later, she added: “This is weird because it’s actually like, real jewelry, and most of my jewelry is made of like, gummy bears and cotton candy. And they don’t look that good together ’cause they kind of mix up, so sometimes I actually replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Toon, and he’s like, ‘Well what’s going on?’

“‘Well, this isn’t really my aesthetic, but I’ll wear it ’cause you love me.'”

In response, Ellen joked, “He could’ve saved a lot of money by giving you a gummy bear ring or something.”

A photo of Liam and Miley then flashed on the screen behind them followed by a collective “aww” from the audience. 

Aside from photos of the ring, different sources from Us Weekly, People, and E! News have confirmed that Miley and Liam are back together, and the couple has been photographed together as well.

Miley and Liam called off their engagement in 2013. –

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