GoodVybes Fest: We have paid Passion Pit’s agency

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GoodVybes Fest: We have paid Passion Pit’s agency

Stephen Lavoie

(UPDATED) 'Our lawyers are working on the appropriate actions for those who have made slanderous and libelous statements,' says GoodVybes after Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos says he has not yet been paid for his 2016 performance

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MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The people behind the GoodVybes music festival have spoken up after Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos tweeted that he has not yet received his payment for performing at the festival last year. (IN PHOTOS: Passion Pit, CHVRCHES thrill PH fans at GoodVybes Fest 2016)

GoodVybes tweeted on Monday, February 20, that they had already paid Passion Pit’s agency. Nico Bacani, president of Vybe Productions, also spoke to Bandwagon, saying that they’ve paid 84% of the artist’s fees. 

After Michael spoke about the issue with his fans on Twitter, GoodVybes sent out another statement through the social media site, saying that their lawyers are taking the appropriate action against Passion Pit’s allegedly libelous and slanderous statements. 

Below is their Tuesday, February 21 statement in full: 

“Just for everybody’s info: it’s not true that we haven’t paid Passion Pit. What’s true is that there’s a disputed amount of additional costs, but even after factoring that in, we have paid over P12.8 million or over 86% of the amount (with those disputed extra costs included just to show how wrong the statement is) even before the festival started last year.

“It would have been fair to say that up ’til now, we have yet to resolve those extra costs in contention, but to say that we have not paid them is not only dangerously reckless, but libelous and slanderous, and it affects the livelihood of many people.

“As one of the publications wrote down, such details do not benefit the public, and we shall make no further comment on this as our lawyers are working on the appropriate actions for those who have made slanderous and libelous statements. Be careful with what you say and share, and do not assume.”

Michael has since responded, posting a video of one of their equipment at the festival emitting sparks before the show.

He added that he was talking to someone one the phone to settle the matter when the new statement came up. “Unprofessional bullsh*t. Handle your sh*t properly. You wanted me to not say anything else, and then you release that? C’mon. Cheap and dumb,” he wrote.

In a later tweet, he added, “You can afford lawyers but you cannot afford to pay me.”

‘I still haven’t been paid’

Michael first tweeted about GoodVybes on Monday, February 20, when he replied to a tweet by Manila Concerts about the festival, saying: “Welp, I still haven’t been paid [for the GoodVybes festival performance]. However, that crowd was amazing. Love you, Manila.”



He later responded to concerned fans who reacted to his tweet, saying that he would still come back to Manila despite what happened.





In a series of tweets, GoodVybes responded to Michael’s claims, saying that they had already paid Passion Pit’s management: “We would like to clarify we have paid the talent fees and airfare for [Passion Pit] and that if there are any pending, we would be glad to resolve directly with the [Passion Pit’s] handlers. We hope this clarifies the issue.”



In an interview with Bandwagon, Nico Bacani, president of Vybe Productions, said that it was unfair of Michael to make the statement that he did, since he did not say whether he was referring to GoodVybes or to his agency.

He added that Vybe was originally supposed to provide a rehearsal tent, the cost of which would be deducted from Passion Pit’s fees. Because Passion Pit was unable to use the tent, his agency and Vybe decided not to deduct the tent’s cost anymore. Nico said that the tent’s cost – 16% of the total – may be what Michael was talking about.

Meanwhile, Passion Pit responded to GoodVybes statement via Twitter. He wrote: 

“See, I’ve got this thing: to fly around the world to play one show, it’s a big deal! Kinda messes with my brain a bit, my doctors advise against [it]. But when you have a bunch of fans someplace and there’s money there so you can afford it, you make it work. Cool, so we do that. Then a bunch of things happen, which I won’t go into, but I’ll say that, you know, festivals can be dangerous. You have to know your shit.

“Anyway, we play. We’re still alive. And we go home. This is when, usually, artists already get paid. We hadn’t they were still settling. Festivals cost a lot of money. I have a lot of respect for people who run festivals. So long as they pay, you know, within a year. That’s it.

“Anyway, I just commented on a tweet that reminded me of a show that I’m still waiting to get paid for. I’ve got bills to pay, too! Oh well.”









Michael added later that he didn’t need to explain himself and that Vybe Productions should speak to his team.




GoodVybes Fest was held at the Aseana City Open Grounds on February 20, 2016. Other acts at the festival included CHVRCHES, Oh Wonder, and Montreal-based rockers Stars.  –

Editor’s note: This article previously credited Paolo Abad for the photo of Michael Angelakos. The photo is by Stephen Lavoie. This has been corrected and we apologize for the error. 

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