Steve Harvey talks to Elha Nympha on ‘Little Big Shots’

Vernise Tantuco
Steve Harvey talks to Elha Nympha on ‘Little Big Shots’

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Elha shows off her powerful voice with samples of Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey in her interview with Steve Harvey

MANILA, Philippines – The second season of Little Big Shots has kicked off and its first episode featured the Philippines’ own Elha Nympha. (WATCH: Elha Nympha performs ‘Chandelier’ on ‘Little Big Shots’)

Elha’s performance was released online a few days before the show aired, but her short interview was shown for the first time on the Monday, March 6 episode. (READ: How Elha Nympha got on ‘Little Big Shots’)

After introducing herself to Steve and the audience, 12-year-old Elha told her story: “My father passed away and then I started selling banana cue to have money to study, to eat food.”


Elha sold banana cue at her local market before she won The Voice Kids Philippines season 2. ([READ] From the market to the stage: Elha Nympha’s life-changing ‘Voice Kids’ victory)

She told Steve that she would sing and sell banana cue, to which he joked, “Wow, they couldn’t just buy the bananas, huh? I can’t stand adults. They always want more for their money. ‘Look, I’m selling the bananas. What is the song for?'” 

Then, right before her performance of Sia’s “Chandelier,” Elha showed off her singing chops with a quick samples of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” and Mariah Carey’s “Emotions.”

The crowd cheered in response, with Steve saying, “Now, she’s sitting down, like it ain’t nothing to her!”


After her performance, Steve tweeted, “Everyone on the set was blown away by Elha, she got a standing ovation! This is why I love this show.”


Aside from Elha, the first episode featured 6-year-old basketball phenomenon Jaliyah, 4-year-old anatomy expert Briele, 5-year-old Abe Lincoln fan Lucy, 4-year-old worship leader Caleb, and 6-year-old sceince wiz Mason.

The episode will be re-aired on DIVA on March 6 at 10:25 pm. –

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