Spielberg snubbed to helm Bond in the ’70s

Steven Spielberg, considered to be one of the best filmmakers of his generation, commends Sam Mendes’ treatment of the latest Bond installment

'THEY CAN'T AFFORD ME.' Steven Spielberg on the set of his latest film, 'Lincoln.' Image from the Steven Spielberg Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Is the Bond series the one that got away for director Steven Spielberg?

Not really, no. But fans of the franchise and of the decorated director might be surprised to know that back in the ’70s, Spielberg offered to direct one of the James Bond films, according to Total Film.

A year ago, Spielberg admitted to media that in his early days as a director, it was a dream of his to direct a Bond Film.

“I could never get Cubby Broccoli to hire me and now, sadly, they can’t afford me,” he said at an Entertainment Weekly Q & A for Super 8.

A younger Spielberg called up Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, founding producer of the Bond films, to ask if he could direct a movie in the franchise. He was told he couldn’t.

“I’ve never asked again. Instead, I made the Indiana Jones series,” Spielberg said in a press conference for his latest film Lincoln.

All’s good though; Spielberg commended Sam Mendes’ treatment of the latest Bond installment. “I’ve seen [Skyfall] once and I’ll see it a second time,” he said.

Skyfall opened on the 50th year of Bond in cinema – Rappler.com

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