Gwendoline Ruais files complaint against wives, girlfriends of TNT KaTropa players

Alexa Villano
Gwendoline Ruais files complaint against wives, girlfriends of TNT KaTropa players
Gwen says contrary to reports in the media, she did not start the confrontation

MANILA, Philippines –  TV host and former Miss World Philippines 2011 Gwendoline Ruais said that she has filed a complaint of oral defamation and unjust vexation last month against several wives and girlfriends of the TNT KaTropa players over the alleged confrontation at the Smart Araneta Coliseum a few months ago.

According to reports from and Inquirer, Gwen and Mich Rosario, wife of TNT KaTropa player Troy Rosario, got into a verbal altercation in June. On her Twitter account, which has since been set to private, Mich said: “I was trying to pacify the scene when she (Gwen) said to me ‘Bye bye yaya.’ How can I calm down!!! I’m not the one who started this.”

Gwen’s fiancé, David Semerad, is a member of the San Miguel Beermen who played against TNT KaTropa during the PBA Commissioner’s Cup that time.

During an interview on Thursday, September 28, Gwen clarified the whole story, saying she did not start any fight with the TNT KaTropa camp.

“Actually, since the court cases have been filed already, I can’t comment or exactly say what happened during the incident. All I can say is that I didn’t start it. I didn’t do anything, and the truth is very different from what came out in the media,” she said.

According to Gwen, she was not acquainted with any of the wives and girlfriends of the TNT KaTropa players, except for one. She refused to name names, but in a document obtained by the media, the names of Andrea Bien (girlfriend of Anthony Semerad), Mich Rosario, November Carey (wife of Harvey Carey), and Hillarie Brown (girlfriend of Kris Rosales) were mentioned.

When asked why she filed a complaint, Gwen said, “Because what happened was something that shouldn’t [have] happened. I mean I’m not the type of person who gets into a fight or an altercation, aggress anyone or even say foul language. My parents raised me right. And I wasn’t the only one aggrieved person.”

Gwen also added that she and the other people cheering for San Miguel were doing their own thing when the commotion started. Although she refused to elaborate, it was reported that Andrea’s mother, Malou, went to the side of the San Miguel Beermen and screamed at her in Filipino. Later, Gwen found herself being called all sorts of names by the other wives and girlfriends of the TNT KaTropa players, despite minding her own business.

Bouncers appeared and tried to pacify the tension, but the commotion got larger when the media took notice of what was going on. 

Gwen denies that called Mich a “yaya.”.

“I actually don’t know Mich before this incident. I don’t even know who she is, I don’t even know what she looks like. No, I never called her yaya because I don’t know who even she is. Like I said, all those girls involved, I had no idea who they were except for one and her mother,” she said.

While she is not allowed to comment due to the ongoing court case, Gwen believes that the truth will come out when everything is resolved. She said she’s only speaking up now because she wanted to do it the right way.

“It’s unfortunate that people would believe those stories because you knwo when something in the media is printed and it’s not the right thing, then people automatically assume that just because you don’t say anything, it’s the truth. So no, I didn’t want ot say anything because I wanna do it the right way. I don’t want to just aggress someone in public, confront  them, do things like that…it’s not really my style to act in a disgraceful manner,” she said.

Gwen said that Aida Tautuua, one of the wives of the TNT KaTropa players, has reached out to her and apologized, which she has accepted because she knew she had nothing to do with the issue.

Gwen said that fiancé David is very supportive. As for Anthony, she said that they are both okay with each other despite the name of his girlfriend being dragged into the issue. 

Gwen also said that an apology would make things right, and that she is willing to drop the complaint against them… except for one.

“I’ll drop the cases against those ladies who apologized but not the case against that one person and her mother because it’s unaaceptable,” she said, claiming that all she wants is what is right, adding that people should act with courtesy and respect in public.

She said that a formal investigation has been launched by the PBA, but she has yet to get the results of the investigation. Since the incident, the wives and girlfriends of the players from all teams barred from passing through the dugout of the coliseum.

The ladies mentioned in the complaint have yet to issue any statement. –


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