5 times Baron Geisler made headlines

Alexa Villano
5 times Baron Geisler made headlines
Here are some of Baron Geisler's more controversial moments

MANILA, Philippines – Another day, another Baron Geisler controversy.

The actor was arrested on October 16 for making a scene at a bar – but is anyone even surprised anymore? 

Baron Geisler is escorted by a policeman for inquest at the Quezon City fiscal office on Tuesday, after he was arrested on Monday night, by members of the Quezon City Police District's Station 10 along Kamuning Road. Photo by Darren Langit/Rappler

He of the public beatings and pissing contests can’t seem to outrun trouble. His latest brush with the law isn’t even the most shocking.

Here are just some of the actor’s more controversial moments – though if Baron’s record says anything, this list is hardly definitive. 

1. Case filed by Patrizha Martinez. In 2008, Patrizha Martinez, daughter of William Martinez and Yayo Aguila, filed a complaint against Baron for groping her breast in a party at Fiamma.

He was also accused by actress Cherry Pie Picache and Yasmien Kurdi of sexual harassment. 

2. Baron hits a student in viral video. In May 2016, a video of Baron hitting a student from UP went viral.

In the video which was posted and later taken down by Khalil Verzosa, Baron was shown hitting the student violently.

The actor said that the video was taken out of context and after talking with Khalil, the two have ironed out the issue. 

3. Confrontation with a bouncer. In 2015, Baron was in the headlines when he was caught on camera shouting at a bouncer in a night club in Pampanga.

In an interview, Edgar Tolentino, the bouncer said that he did not allow the actor to enter the bar because he was drunk.

In the end, Baron left. Another bouncer said that it was not the first time that Baron made a scene because he previoulsy tried to hit on one of the dancers in the same club in the past. 

4. Baron vs Aryln dela Cruz and Ping Medina. In another incident in 2016, Baron found himself being called out by actor Ping Medina.

According to Ping, they were doing a scene for the movie Bubog, when Baron urinated on him while he was tied up. When Ping confronted him to ask if it was really urine, Baron denied it. 

Arlyn dela Cruz, director of the film, said that she has since recast the characters of Ping and Baron. 

5. Baron vs Kiko Matos. Who could forget the infamous fight between Baron and Kiko Matos?

After the two fought in a bar, the two challenged each other into a URCC match. It was later revealed that some of events leading up to their fight were for a documentary called Beastmode

Just when we thought they were okay after the match, in June this year, the two “fought” in front of media and audience during a press conference for a URCC match.

After the incident, Kiko said, “We know what we were up to last year. As of now, maybe he just wants to play another game. It’s a big boys game. [I’m doing this] for sportsmanship. He comes out, calls me names, then let’s get it on. It’s my reaction towards his actions. So let’s make this fight happen.” 

Baron is a headline grabber and, if one thing’s for sure, we haven’t seen the last of him. – Rappler.com

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