SHOWBITZ: Sarah Lahbati VS GMA7 — It ain’t over (Part 2)
Will the actress flee? Is she really pregnant? Baffling questions arise as the issue thickens

IS IT A PLOY? Some people guess so. Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati photo from the SAraH LahBaTi (sic) Facebook page

[Continued from part one]

MANILA, Philippines – Other celebrities tweeted their support in reply to Lahbati’s posts:

Mo Twister (@djmotwister): “@sarahlahbati -experienced too. im sorry u got screwed like that by them. i remember how hard it was to tell them to do the “right” thing.”

Ruffa Gutierrez (@iloveruffag): “@sarahlahbati we’re behind you all the way Sarah!! Chin up and keep moving forward. Don’t let negative people bring you down.”

Meg Imperial (@megimperial): “@sarahlahbati you’ll be fine dear. Stay strong! 🙂 SMILE!”

Mic Sy Lim of the blog Fashion Pulis posted screen shots of Lahbati’s tweets on his blog, to which a fan commented:

“dear sarah, 

i watched you evolve in starstruck and i thought you had it to be a big star. sayang. stop reacting as you’re only digging your own grave. based on experience, gma will not react with a statement anymore, but with a lawsuit. 

there is still chard you left in gma who might have an excuse to drop you (if he hasn’t yet) because you’re creating too much noise. tita a has a campaign to run, and you will not be her priority.

you chose to flee. go now before the network files a hold departure order on you and your mother. 

then, follow the twister and twit your heart away but then, you left, we don’t care.”

Mario Bautista of Journal Online posted on January 6 that several speculations have arisen from the issue: Some are guessing that Lahbati is pregnant and will leave the country to give birth, something the actress has denied.

Some guess that this is a ploy of hers and reported boyfriend Richard Gutierrez to “get out of GMA7” in order to be managed by Gutierrez’s mom, Annabelle Rama. 

Still others say this is a publicity gimmick to promote her movie under Regal Films, The Seduction, in which she co-stars with Gutierrez, Bautista wrote.

A new statement from GMA Network’s in response to Lahbati’s latest tweets was also posted in Journal Online on January 6:

“GMA maintains its position that Sarah Lahbati violated her contract with the network.

The walk-out incident from a taping of Sarah Lahbati is still being investigated. We welcome Sarah’s denial that she walked out from that taping and her denial will expedite the action(s) we will take depending on the result of our investigation because there will no longer be any need to ask her to explain.

We are not going to comment at this time on the other statements of Sarah Lahbati that has no relevance to the violation of her contract with GMA. Sarah Lahbati was discovered by the network and is a homegrown talent developed, trained, and promoted by the network.” –

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