WATCH: Kris Aquino gets a birthday surprise from her sons
WATCH: Kris Aquino gets a birthday surprise from her sons
Kris' boys greet her with balloons and singing on her special day

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino shared on social media that her sons, Joshua and Bimby, surprised her on her birthday, Wednesday, February 14. She turned 47 years old. 

Kris, who is out of the country with her sons posted on Instagram: “My two loves.” The video showed Josh and Bimby singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and holding balloons that spelled out ‘Mama.’


My 2 LOVES! #surprise

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She also posted a photo of heself with the caption “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” 

On her blog, Kris reflected on life as a working mom, her annulment proceedings, and the various struggles she’s been undergoing. She wrote that her 3 sisters, Ballsy, Pinky, and Viel, were very concerned because of her schedule and health.

I love my work – my sisters were expressing their concern about me overdoing it again – but that’s me – this is my passion. And I promised to never shortchange our clients & brand partners, my viewers, and most of all myself by giving half-assed uploads. In my super straight forward language I told my sisters would they rather have an unhealthy Kris because she was feeling sad and empty, or would they prefer a very happy Kris who sometimes has to face up to the reality that working straight no matter how self-fulfilling it may be, is not proper self care?” she wrote.

The TV host, entrepreneur, and actress said that she agreed to a 3-day working schedule before taking a day to rest, with her sister Pinky pointing out that Bimby does not need the burden of taking care of his mom plus a brother with special needs.

She also talked about how her career has helped her through the tough situations, most notably her annulment from basketball player, James Yap, and her failed relationship with Quezon City Mayor, Herbert Bautista.

I think I have openly spoken of this on several occasions – for so long career success was my shield against relationship rejection. I survived being cheated on while pregnant during my marriage and yet when I finally filed for annulment the public took it against me because my ex-husband managed to squeeze the poor, powerless boy being cast aside by the rich, powerful girl storyline… How many fights did we quietly have within our family because I was instructed to keep quiet, let the court decide, and pay the price and hopefully learn from my impulsive behavior…

“I again mistakenly thought forever was in my horizon in 2014, and sadly it was not. Truth is – I kept hoping all the way until 2016 that a magic wand would be waved and he’d love me and make good on his promises… when that didn’t happen, I also stopped loving myself. And that is what caused all those doors to close.”

Kris also said that she avoid complaining about politics, having gone through worse situations, where she witnessed how her mom had to fix it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my unquestionable work ethic is no longer a protective coat to erase in my psyche the wrong relationship choices of my past, it’s now the legacy I wish to leave for my children,” she wrote.

She also shared that work was her motivation to correct her mistakes, earn her mom’s trust, and that she would be proud of her accomplishments.

But I feel NOW, I’ve finally evolved into what she always prayed I would be – a woman who worked hard for her success, shares the credit and makes the effort to affirm jobs well done by those working for and with her, someone who knows how to express sincere gratitude for blessings and kindnesses, and most importantly a Mother who knows that her boys will always come first.”

She also said that it’s tough to stay grounded with the type of stature she has and the crticism that comes with it, but is grateful for how her sons managed to keep her grounded.

I finally found the best parts of me through the love of my two sons. I thrive most because they need me, and my bunso, whom I believe heaven molded in his outspokenness so that I can experience 200% of what my Mom had to endure from me-never sugarcoats, sometimes gives way more information than even I am ready for, but has unwavering faith in me and my abilities, and most of all, is just so naturally compassionate and innately caring that when I pray- all I can now do is say THANK YOU GOD because you gave me sons who make me appreciate today, and make me look forward to every single tomorrow. ”  

She also thanked everyone who has greeted her and has been with her through the years. 

So I now return a prayer for all of you, that for my birthday in 2019 may my THANK YOU be on behalf of all those who need the gift of God’s unmerited Grace and the reassurance that faith in His goodness and generosity is never ignored. God bless us all with hearts fulfilled. Please remember as I have the privilege to every day of my life, we are all LOVED.”–

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