The many times Joey de Leon found himself in the middle of controversy
The many times Joey de Leon found himself in the middle of controversy
The TV host is criticized for an insensitive remark on a contestant in 'Eat Bulaga's' segment 'Juan for All, All for Juan,' but it's not the first time he's been mired in controversy

MANILA, Philippines – Earlier this week, TV host Joey de Leon made headlines again after talking to a contestant in Eat Bulaga‘s segment “Juan For All, All For Juan.”

In Eat Bulaga’s February 20 episode, a contestant named Mary Jane from Olongapo was chosen by the show and the segment hosts – Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo – went to where she was staying to get to know more about her. They later found out that she was a former guest relations officer (GRO) with two children, who was rescued by a ministry. She later became a Christian.

After the hosts got to know more about her story, Joey commented: “May naging guest ka ba sa Eat Bulaga? Hindi baka napasyal lang siya. (Did you have any guests from Eat Bulaga? No I mean she might have dropped by )”

He later pointed to Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola saying, “Yung dalawang katabi mo.” (The two next to you.)

The segment ended with the hosts reminding her not to go back to her old job.

The statement of Joey did not sit well with many netizens, accusing him of being insensitive to Mary Jane who has reformed from the mistakes she made.





Joey de Leon has been criticized previously for his statements on television or social media, owing to incendiary or otherwise insensitive comments.

Here’s a look at some of the controversies he name was dragged into through the years.

1. The depression statement. In October last year, Joey was criticized for his statement on depression where he said that it was all made up. Many personalities such as Khalil Ramos, Kisses Delavin, and Alden Richards took to social media, saying it was a serious issue. Mental health advocates also called him out on it.

He made a public apology on Eat Bulaga and to Maine Mendoza, saying that hopefully his statements will shed more light into the issue. 

2. Lea Salonga and the ‘kababawan’ tweet. In 2015, a tweet from Lea Salonga drew the ire of AlDub fans, the monicker of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s tandem after they assumed that the Broadway star’s tweet was about the two.

Lea tweeted: “Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo?  (I’m find with shallowness but is that all for us?) 


Joey then answered back with a series of tweets:





The issue ended after Lea and Joey exchanged tweets with each other to clear the misunderstanding.


3. Joey’s alleged tweets against Vice GandaIn October 2015, Joey found himself in the middle of a backlash over a series of tweets allegedly pointing to Vice Ganda. In one of his tweets, Joey said: “Like LOVE, ang CAREER ay hindi minamadali. Ang minamadali lang na karera ay sa KABAYO! #ALDUBKeyToForever

(Like love, careers shouldn’t be rushed. The only race that is rushed is a horse.)

Another tweet goes: “I repeat, wag madaliin ang career. Treat it like LOVE. Wag itulad sa karera ng KABAYO, tapos agad! #ALDUBKeyToForever”

(I repeat, don’t rush your career. Treat it like love. Don’t treat it like the career/race of a horse, which is over immediately.)

The word horse has been often used by Vice to describe himself after starring in the remake of Petrang Kabayo.

Fans of the singer-comedian called out Joey for his statements.

Joey clarified the issue with a series of tweets later telling his critics: “Finally, HINDI ko tinatawag na hayop ang isang tao kung sya ay TAO. KAYO nagpahiwatig nito. Sino ngayon walang respeto? #ALDUB15thWeeksary.”

(Finally, I don’t call a person an animal if he’s a person. You’re the one who gave that meaning. So who’s not respectful now?)



4. Halloween costume controversy with Tito Sotto. In the Halloween episode of Eat Bulaga in 2015, Joey and senator Tito Sotto wore outfits of the Arab men- keffiyeh or hatta (headdress) and a thawb (long-sleeved garment).

The use of the outifit during the Halloween special was criticized not only by netizens but by officials of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).


@angpoetnyo @helenstito #ALDUBBahayNiLola

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Tito Sotto, however, defended the use of the garment, saying it was given to him by his friend, a sheikh and that he was not making fun of any culture or religion.

5. The Pepsi Paloma rape accusation. In 1982, Pepsi Paloma accused Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto, and Ritchie D’ Horsie of raping her. Pepsi was among the softdrink beauties (the others are Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuelle).

According to the report, the 3 apologized to the public. In a statement published in People’s Journal and republished by the Inquirer, the 3 said, “We hope that you will not allow the error we have committed against you to stand as a stumbling block to that future which we all look forward to. We therefore ask you to find it in your heart to pardon us for the wrong which we have done against you.”

The case was settled out of court. Pepsi said that Tito Sotto asked her to sign an affidavit to desist from pressing charges against the Sottos, which he denied in an interview in 2016.

In 1985, Pepsi died after reportedly killing herself. –

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