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The 6 times Maine Mendoza won our hearts
The 6 times Maine Mendoza won our hearts
Yaya Dub continues to spread love and positive vibes

MANILA, Philippines – It’s Maine Mendoza’s 23rd birthday today, March 3. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since she entered showbiz as the funny dubsmash queen Yaya Dub, who captured everyone’s attention not only in the Philippines, but also worldwide.

As she turns a year older, let’s take a look back at some of the moments when Maine won everyone’s hearts.

1. Enter Yaya Dub, and a kalyeserye was bornOn July 16, 2015, we met Maine as Divina Ursula Buckbukoba Smash aka Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora’s (Wally Bayola in drag) nanny. She communicated often with people using her dubsmashing skills, but upon seeing Alden Richards, things changed and a kalyeserye – the love story of Yaya Dub and Alden – captured the nation’s hearts.



2. Meeting Alden during AlDub: Ang Tamang Panahon. After many months of wait, Maine and Alden finally got to meet face-to-face during the Ang Tamang Panahon event at the Philippine Arena on October 24, 2015. Everyone waited with bated breath as Lola Nidora finally allowed them to hold each other. The event became one of television’s biggest events seen worldwide with no commercial break.

LONG WAIT. Alden and Maine walk together onstage during the 'Aldub: Ang Tamang Panahon' event in 2015. File photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler


3. Her first movie My Bebe LoveAfter Tamang Panahon, Maine got the chance to test her acting skills in the Vic Sotto-Ai-Ai delas Alas movie My Bebe Love, which was a big hit. She not only entertained the audience, but she also won Best Supporting Actress for the movie at the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

FIRST MOVIE. Maine and Alden in their first movie after 'Tamang Panahon.' Screenshot from YouTube/Octoarts

4. Being real with the fans. In showbiz, fan base is important, and Maine is not afraid to be herself before her fans. She wrote on her blog about the times Alden got criticized, or when she felt that she’s not who she was anymore because of the demands. Fans have praised her for being honest, while some have also lashed out on her for being ungrateful. 

5. Penning a book. In addition to her stint in Eat Bulaga, movies, and endorsements, Maine decided to share more of herself through the book Yup, I Am that Girl, released in 2017. The book contains photos, as well as thoughts she was not able to write in her blog. 


6. Speaking up on depression. In October, fans praised Maine for coming to the defense of a “Juan for All, All For Juan” contestant, following TV host Joey de Leon’s comment that depression is just a made-up condition. In the episode, Maine said that depression is a serious condition. 

The TV host has since apologized to everyone – including Maine – on national television. 




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