Tricia Centenera defends ex-husband Gab Valenciano from haters
Tricia Centenera defends ex-husband Gab Valenciano from haters
The model-blogger pens a blog entry about her short-lived marriage to Gab, saying that she can now call him a friend despite their separation

MANILA, Philippines – Tricia Centenera would have celebrated her 3rd wedding anniversary with Gab Valenciano on March 27, but instead the model and blogger opened up in a blog post about their marriage, which ended in September 2016.

In the blog post, titled “Ok let’s talk about it,” Tricia defended her ex-husband from his detractors, saying that while he “broke” her, he is “trying his best to be the best version of himself so please let him try.”

Tricia said that she feels like she can call Gab a friend now, and even saw him on the eve of what would have been their anniversary.

“Yes, this man broke me, however I didn’t let it ruin me forever. Through sincere prayer, petition, and forgiveness, I can now call him a friend. Even though the expectation is that as his ex-wife I should hate him, I honestly don’t,” she wrote.

Tricia also said Gab is happy for her and her new beau: “He’s respectful that I’m in a relationship with a man I love wholeheartedly and he’s sincerely happy for us. He asks [for] love and healing advice and is trying for himself.”

Meanwhile, on his Instagram Stories, Gab posted an apology to “everyone I may have hurt with my inability to value certain friendships and relationships.” His post was reuploaded by his mother Angeli Pangilinan on her own Instagram.

Without directly referencing Tricia or his marriage, Gab said, “I haven’t been my true self for awhile, and because of that, I demolished beautiful bridges.”

I reposted this because it’s publicly posted on his Instagram stories. We the Valencianos have been called a godly family, perfect family &many superlatives we never deserved. Ours is a normal abnormal family falling, standing up, fighting,reconciling, praying &it has been quite a journey for us. I entered showbiz immediately after college&was used to popularity. In high school, I was a student leader, a theater actress & the captain of our volleyball team. In college I was on the vb team for 4 years of the AS & the BA teams& the tennis team of BA& active in extra curricular activities. Then I had a breakup & decided to do something crazy. I joined the Music & Magic band with Kuh in 1979. I became even more popular & became a commercial model for Camay & a TV host, radio voice talent & guest in various shows. FPJ asked me to be his leading lady for Roman Rapido& another film& after I said yes, the contract was drafted & sked approved, I backed out. Then I got pregnant& I became Public Enemy Number 1 because the father of my child was the rising star Gary Valenciano. I had never experienced such horrible hatred from some members of the media who never asked for my side then& I almost took my life. I couldn’t understand why suddenly people hated me. Imagine there was no social media or internet then. If there were, I wouldn’t be alive today, maybe. So the fishbowl life nearly killed me. Popularity isn’t what counts to me. Family,friendships & trying to seek God’s will matter most to me. I see a pattern .. now it’s my son Gab getting the hate posts but exponentially multiplied because of the internet 1000x. Like Gab I apologize for our own shortcomings.God-willing the Vees will learn from our detours& continue to inspire those who are willing to take us – flaws& all. Whoever reads this – God bless you. Many of you make me cry with your messages of love. I thank God for Gab’s post&I know Romans 8:28 is the truth. I look at our granddaughter Leia &know that our caterpillar experiences will produce butterflies one day.Rom8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to His purpose.

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“I strayed away from my family, my passions, my friends, and even our Almighty God. I am deeply ashamed. I was not raised this way. I am truly sorry,” Gab said.

He went on to thank his family and friends, saying: “There is so much to be thankful for and I will never, ever take that for granted ever again. I will be better. I promise.”

Gab and Tricia got married in a civil ceremony in the United States in October 2014, and had two wedding ceremonies in the Philippines in March 2015. The couple first sparked separation rumors after Tricia posted a series of tweets implying that she had been cheated on. She later said that Gab “confessed” and apologized. –

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