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Solenn Heussaff says she’s ready to be a mom

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Solenn Heussaff says she’s ready to be a mom
The actress also talks about life with Nico Bolzico

MANILA, Philippines – Solenn Heussaff is ready to be a mom. The Kapuso actress revealed that by next year, she and husband Nico Bolzico will start trying for a baby.

Parang ita-try ko na (I think I’ll try it) just in case it takes me years,” Solenn shared during the press conference for her new movie, My Two Mommies, Saturday, April 21.

“Kasi ‘yung mom ko, nag-four years before nabuntis. Tapos ‘yung sister ko naman one year and a half. So, who knows?”

(My mom waited for 4 years before getting pregnant. And then my sister, about one year and a half. So, who knows?)

While excited to start a family, Solenn admitted that she’s still not as confident about the idea of raising kids of her own.

Ready naman ako for three years, kaso lang ayoko pa… Like, confident ba ako to raise a person, a human being? ‘Di pa timing ngayon but we will eventually get there, pero di pa ngayon. In the next year, but not this year.”

(I have been ready for 3 year, but I just didn’t want to…Like, am I confident enough to raise a person, a human being? I’m not yet ready, but we will eventually get there… but not now. In the next year, but not this year.)

Nico wanted 4 kids but Solenn is happy with just having two – a boy and a girl.

Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Eh ‘yung katawan mo, katawan mo ‘yan. Katawan ko magbabago.’ So dalawa lang muna.

(I told him ‘Your body is your body. Mine will change.’ So two is okay with me.)

Taking cues from celebrity moms who were able to maintain their figure, Solenn is confident that she can get her body back in no time post-pregnancy.

“‘Di naman ako worried kasi there are ways of maintaining. Siyempre naman makikita mo, like si Ina Raymundo, ilan ‘yung mga anak niya, mas fit pa siya sa mga 20-year-olds na you see ‘di ba?”

(I’m not worried because there are ways of maintaining [your figure]. You see [people] like Ina Raymundo, who has many children and yet, she’s fitter than 20-year-olds you see right?)

Siyempre naman, it also depends on your body. May mga girls na kahit ‘di sila kumakain for two, it’s hard for them to take the weight off. Depende sa hormones and everything.”

(Of course it also depends on your body. There are girls who may not eat for two, but it’s hard for them to get the weight off. It also depends on your hormones and everything.)

When asked what this means for her career, Solenn admitted that being a mother would inevitably affect her image but she’s ready for that next chapter.

“‘Di ko alam ano ‘yung future ko pagkatapos ng baby pero siyempre naman (I won’t know my future after having a baby but) I’ll try to be healthy. Take care of myself at the same time not burden my child. Alam ko (I know) it will change, my career will change. ‘Di na magiging sexy ‘yung title ko or baka magiging sexy din (I’ll probably won’t have the sexy title anymore or still be sexy) but in a different way.”

On married life

During the press conference, Solenn’s My Two Mommies co-star Paolo Ballesteros candidly talked about crushing on her husband Nico. Rather than get uncomfortable, Solenn said her friends will make similar jokes, and added that she’s actually happy that people appreciate her husband.

Dami rin akong friends na super bet na bet si Nico. ‘Pahiram si Nico isang gabi lang, may sakit na nga ako.’ Ganun sila! Solenn shared. (READ: Why Nico Bolzico calls Solenn Heussaff ‘wifezilla’)

(I also have friends who are so into Nico. Like ‘can I borrow Nico for one night only, I’m not feeling well.’ They’re like that.)

Happy din ako. Alam ko naman na guwapo si Nico, mabait, so kung may mga tao, boy or girl, na nagkakagusto sa kanya eh di happy rin ako. Kasi the prize is mine.”  (I’m very happy. I know that Nico is very handsome, nice, so if any person whether guy or girl likes him, I’m happy as well. Because the prize is mine.)  

Solenn also explained that she has never felt threatened because she has complete trust in her husband.

“I trust Nico so kahit may mga kasama siyang ibang girl (even if he’s with another girl), nasa ibang bansa siya (He’s in another country) with friends and everything I don’t ask any questions. Kasi kilala ko siya (Because I know him) and we trust each other and that’s what’s nice with our relationship.”

My Two Mommies opens in cinemas on May 9. –