WATCH: Solenn Heussaff ‘transforms’ into Paolo Ballesteros
Solenn discovers it's not as easy transforming into Paolo as she thinks it is

MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION. Solenn Heussaff (right) takes on the challenge of transforming herself into Paolo Ballesteros. Screenshot from Instagram/@solenn

MANILA, Philippines – Solenn Heussaff put her makeup skils to the test recently, when she signed up for a makeup transformation challenge. Her goal? To look like her My Two Mommies co-star Paolo Ballesteros

In a video posted on her YouTube chanell, Solenn said admires Paolo’s ablity to transform himself into different personalities through makeup. “Naloloka talaga ako sa (I’m going crazy because of the) time. Hindi ko alam kung mukha akong (I don’t know if I look like a) clown or what,” said Solenn.

It took over two hours for her to reach the finished product. Her own verdict?

On Instagram she wrote: “So i tried to be [Paolo Ballesteros]. I paint and i do make up, but transforming a face into another is probably the most difficult art haha.”

“I appreciate Paolo’s work even more now. Respect!!!! I cant wait to see my face on him.”


And while Solenn herself said the transformation was an “epic fail,” Paolo thought it was a good nonetheless. 

Screenshot from Instagram/@solenn


My Two Mommies premieres on May 9. –