Ellen Adarna insists diner at ramen place is paparazzi

Ellen Adarna insists diner at ramen place is paparazzi
‘Feeling na kung feeling pero hindi kami tanga,’ says the actress on her Instagram stories

MANILA, Philippines – Instagram stories taken by Ellen Adarna from a ramen restaurant in Makati recently went viral after they showed the actress one-upping a girl who appeared to be sneaking a photo of her and her companion.

Ellen first posted a zoomed-in photo of the girl whose phone looked like it was directed at Ellen. “When you PAP us We PAP you. Its a tie #PAParazziMoves,” Ellen wrote on the photo.

Screenshot from Instagram.com/maria.elena.adarna

The actress then posted a video of the girl, saying she looked uncomfortable after she found out that Ellen was taking a video of her.

“Oo yan ha…you know the feeling…uncomfy noh? (There…you know the feeling…isn’t it uncomfortable?),” Ellen wrote.

Screenshot from Instagram.com/maria.elena.adarna

But the girl, whose name on Twitter is Eleila, said she and her companion didn’t even know Ellen was there.

“We didn’t notice her or even knew it was her,” the girl tweeted, adding that she just wanted to document their food.

Eleila also shared the video that she was supposedly taking when Ellen saw her.

The video pans across the ramen, the girl’s companion who is already eating, the restaurant interiors, as well as other diners – including Ellen, though she is barely recognizable.

Despite the girl’s insistence that she was innocently taking a video of her food and the restaurant, Ellen insisted that she was right.

“Girl, you can deny all you want, but before your food arrived, you knew what you guys were doing. So whatever, feeling na kung feeling but hindi kami tanga (we may be presumptuous, but we’re not stupid),” Ellen said in another series of Instagram stories.

“And I saw a video that she took that she was ‘casually’ eating ramen. But then she took a video, girl, if you take a video of your food, you focus on the food, you don’t show the people in the background,” Ellen added.

She also insisted that the girl panicked when she realized that Ellen was taking a video of her.

“She didn’t even know what to do. She wanted to get her chopsticks, but she wanted to do something with her phone. So you can justify what you want to justify, and I can do what I want also because I am patol (petty) like that,” Ellen said.

She also did a shoutout to her neighbor, Elbert Cuenca, the owner of the restaurant, and asked if he could provide CCTV footage of what happened.

“Girl, you can stop acting like a victim and know that there’s two sides of a story, and people will always choose a side. So deal with your bashers, ‘cos me, I can handle them pretty well, and you know, good luck to you,” Ellen said as a final word to the girl.

Responding to Ellen’s second set of stories, Eleila said she really didn’t know that Ellen was in the restaurant.

“We really had no clue she was there. That’s why I took a vid of not only my food cause I was showing the restaurant as well,” Eleila explained. She also said that she doesn’t know who Ellen is, or what the issues surrounding her are.

She added that the issue could have been resolved properly if Ellen just went up to them and asked if they were taking a video.

“As an artist I think you should be professional upon solving such things. It’s clearly not right for her to simply assume without knowing our side as well. What she did is not only unethical but illegal as well,” she said.

This incident is the latest in a string of controversies that has kept the actress in the news for the past few months.

Her unconfirmed but obvious relationship with actor-on-hiatus John Lloyd Cruz has been the talk of the town, especially after rumors broke out in November 2017 that the two were expecting a baby together. – Rappler.com

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