Get to know Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, Pinoy YouTube stars on the rise
Get to know Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, Pinoy YouTube stars on the rise
The siblings talk to Rappler ahead of their YouTube Fan Fest 2018 appearance

MANILA, Philippines – With more than 7 million YouTube subscribers between them, siblings Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero are two Pinoy content creators on the rise.

Ranz, 21, has been on the platform for years, posting videos of himself dancing with boy group Chicser in their early days. Back then, Niana, now 12, was just a young child.

Since then, Niana has also launched her own channel, and the siblings post content like vlogs, pranks, challenges, and – their most popular – dance videos. On Friday, May 11, they’ll be sharing the YouTube Fan Fest (YTFF) 2018 stage with the likes of Matt Steffanina, D-Trix, and Wil Dasovich.

Below, the siblings answer a few questions for Rappler through email, about creating content, their dreams and idols, and how being online personalities has affected their lives.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a video/prank? What’s still on your video bucketlist?

R: For me, it’s definitely the scary clown! Niana doesn’t like clowns and when I did the prank, her reaction was priceless.

N: My favorite one is the spicy noodle challenge prank that I played on my brother! I just could not stop laughing!

R and N: We still have a lot lined up in our video bucket list. Hopefully we can collab with more international YouTubers!

Your fans get to know you very personally through your vlogs – which is great – but how do you know where to draw the line and keep things private?

R and N: We try to keep our content positive and share as much as we can with our audience. However, just like any other YouTubers, we try to keep our limits.

Has there ever been a prank that’s gone too far?

R and N: The scary clown prank because Niana freaked out and was crying for more than 12 minutes. We still have the raw footage in our archive haha. We look back and just laugh at it now.

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You both gained a lot of popularity on the internet at a very young age. Has that affected your personal lives/relationships?

R and N: Not really. In fact, it made us bond better as brother and sister and as a family. If anything, it has brought a lot of positive things.

How do you stay creative in terms of choreography and content for your channel?

R and N: We observe trends and most of what’s happening in entertainment, and we try and put our own special twist to it that is different and unique. Also, we learn from other people and get inspiration from our friends.

What did you both want to be when you were younger?

R: I wanted to be an actor/dancer when I was young but after creating YouTube videos, I realized I want to explore and pursue directing as well.


N: When I was younger I wanted to be a baker but right now I’m enjoying what I’m doing creating content that makes people happy. I’m still young but you never know what the future brings. I’d love to try acting, hosting, djing and other stuff as well.

What keeps you motivated? What made you want to start creating content and what keeps you going?

R: What got me started was simply because I wanted to create something with my sister. We have a lot of ideas that we wanted to share  to hopefully inspire and put a smile on people’s face. What keeps me motivated and going are my family, friends, and fans because without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

N: My brother got me started in creating content because I was shy back then. But I was excited to share the ideas I had in mind. It took a while before I got comfortable in front of the camera. But after doing a few videos with him, I became more confident and learned things that I never knew I could. What keeps me going is my desire to learn more because I feel like there’s more new things to learn everyday. What keeps me motivated are my brother, family, and friends because they keep me grounded.


Are there dancers or content creators that you look up to? Who are they and why?

R: I look up to Jabbawockeez because they’re amazing dancers. As for content creators, I like Logan Paul in a sense that he’s hardworking and constantly works to give content to his fans.

N: I look up to both Chachi Gonzales and Matt Stefanina because they’re both great at dancing and content creating.

Ranz – have you ever given advice to Niana regarding YouTube and content creation? If so, what was it? And for Niana – what was the best advice you’ve received from your kuya?

R: To make sure that every content she puts [out] is something she likes and can inspire someone.

N: The best advice Kuya ever gave me is to be myself and try new things because it allows me to overcome my fears and become more confident.


What do you love the most about each other? And what do you hate the most?

R: I love how she’s always willing to learn and do things I ask her to do even if it is out of her comfort zone. I hate it when she ignores me because she’s playing video games. Hahahaha.

N: I love how my kuya teaches me new things and plays video games with me. I hate it when he scares me with clowns. –

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