WATCH: Gloria Diaz gets candid with daughters Ava and Isabelle
WATCH: Gloria Diaz gets candid with daughters Ava and Isabelle
The iconic beauty queen reveals her favorite child, her guilty pleasure, the most tactless thing she’s ever said, and how many men she’s slept with!

MANILA, Philippines – Gloria Diaz reveals a lot of interesting details about herself as she judges a “Who knows mother best?” face-off between her two daughters Ava and Isabelle.

In the video, the 3 women answer questions about Gloria, from basic ones like “what is mom’s favorite food,” and “what is mom’s most recent movie?” to more personal questions like “who is mom’s favorite ex-boyfriend,” and “how many guys has mom slept with?” to questions that could start a family feud like “who is her favorite child?” and “who is the child she spoils the most?”

The daughter whose answer matches with Gloria’s gets a point, and by the end of the video, Ava wins the game with 8 points over Isabelle’s 5.

Between Gloria’s shock at some of her kids answers, to some revelations that are truly surprising, the video shows another side of the showbiz family.

Aside from Isabelle and Ava, Gloria also has a son, Raphael, all with her ex-husband, the late Bong Daza. –

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